Friday, October 14, 2016

What Is In Store?

Friday, we are here and wondering how our weekends will unfold. So after we stop thinking about that we settle here and wonder what is up for this week's Reader Post. Well we haves something from Golden Yak regarding their thoughts on how the rest of the Legion expansion will play out. It is well thought out and might even come true, but you know I just love the speculation. So here it is

With 7.1 approaching which will continue the story begun in 7.0. I have some ideas about how the rest of Legion might unfold, based on speculation and tid-bits we've gotten about the future:

End of 7.0/Nighthold: Gul'dan tries to summon Sargeras's spirit and infuse it into Illidan's body in the Nighthold, turning Illidan's body into the new Avatar of Sargeras. We manage to stop it, killing Gul'dan and banishing Sargeras, but Illidan's body is lost, pulled into the Nether.

7.1: Helya is slain, breaking the curse over the Halls of Valor. Odyn and his Valarjar are freed and join the battle against the Burning Legion, who are bringing through troops in greater numbers than ever.

7.2: Azeroth's forces are barely holding against the Burning Legion, who have constructed a massive demon city on the Broken Shore around the Tomb of Sargeras. As if things weren't grim enough, a strange new land-mass suddenly rises south of the Broken Isles - Ny'alotha, ancient city of the Old Gods, where the Titanforged bound and chained the Old God N'Zoth. N'Zoth's bindings are finally failing, and the Old God is about to break free. He summons his strongest servants to Ny'alotha, including the naga, to defend him until he can break his bindings completely. The Alliance and the Horde are sent to destroy N'Zoth while the Titanforged and the Valarjar hold the line against the Legion. The forces of Azeroth suffer great casualties just reaching N'Zoth's prison, and just as N'Zoth is about to be destroyed, Azshara appears and offers an alternative - Azeroth is on the verge of being overrun by the Burning Legion, and is in desperate need of allies. Rather than destroy N'Zoth in a costly battle, Azshara suggests N'Zoth be set loose - N'Zoth agrees to turn all of his attention against the Legion and ignore Azeroth's mortals, for now. Knowing that N'Zoth wants the world to survive (if only so he can corrupt it later), Azeroth's mortals make the decision to release him - likely this will be done by someone hinted at in Il'gynoth's whispers, possibly Magni, Khadgar, Jaina, or whoever. There's candidates. N'Zoth's bindings are broken and the Old God is unfettered - true to his word, N'Zoth directs the naga and the faceless ones to assault the Burning Legion, ignoring the Alliance and the Horde. Azshara retreats.

End of Expansion: we push through the Tomb of Sargeras to Argus, meet up with the Army of Light, and destroy the place, killing Kil'jaden in the process (and Archimonde too, if he's even still alive). We come back to Azeroth, but the final battle occurs at the Tomb, with Illidan's body transformed into the new Avatar of Sargeras who attacks us there. During the encounter, Azeroth herself uses the five Pillars of Creation to transform someone (I'm guessing Jaina) into her own avatar - the Avatar of Azeroth joins us against the Possessed Illidan, driving Sargeras' soul out of Illidan's body. Sargeras' spirit then takes over his old avatar within the depths of the Tomb as one last ditch effort to attack us. Players + Azeroth's avatar battle Sargeras until Illidan's soul retakes his body and he becomes the Champion of Light. We destroy Sargeras, and Illidan goes off into the universe to gather the rest of the Army of Light and the naaru to begin preparing for the battle against the Void Lords. Meanwhile, we've got to stay behind and deal with Azshara and N'Zoth, who are missing, presumed up to no good. I figure this would be a good time for a great seas expansion or even an underworld expansion, going into the depths to try and stop N'Zoth from burrowing to the worldsoul within Azeroth.

Well? I think this could run pretty close, but as with anything the things closer to the current time are most likely to be the things that turn out to be right, but as you move further from the current point in time then most likely not to be true. With that in mind, enjoy your weekend!

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