Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fires A Beam Of Magic And Wonder

Wednesday is here even though it doesn't even feel like it. So besides getting ready for the start of the NHL season today I also have a list for you. What is it about you ask? Well that is simple, it is about the most ridiculous weapons that exist in gaming. So prepare yourselves

5. Cluck Shot - Gears of War 3

So have you ever fired a chicken at someone and wondered if it would explode? Well you don't have to Gears of War 3 has your answer and it is yes. This ridiculous weapon is something that will entertain ever all those atheist vegans you know.

4. The Bane - Borderlands 2

We have a weapon that makes your movement speed come to almost a halt, but will do an insane amount of damage for you in game. That is not all though it also has the ability to destroy your eardrums oh yes the screaming that happens when you use it is just legendary in itself

3. Foam Finger - Dead Space 2

The stupid most powerful gun in existence is nothing but a foam finger. It has unlimited ammo and says bang bang over and over among other things, besides looking completely ridiculous, but let's be honest after playing the game you need something like this.

2. Cat Silencer - Postal 2

Ever thought about putting a cat on the end of your gun? Ever thought if it would work as a Silencer? Well the makers of Postal 2 thought so. Only for 10 shots though because then the kitty goes for a ride in a tremendous amount of hilarity.

1. Mr. Toots - Red Faction Armageddon

So when you thought you have seen everything you then have Mr. Toots. A unicorn who shoots rainbow lazers out of his ass. No you did not read that incorrectly this exists, and yes you are now going to look this up to see that I am not bullshitting you.

And there you have it the weirdest weapons in gaming, well at least according to me. Have a different opinion? As always let me know in one way or another.

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