Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day One Major

So as you all know there are many things that tend to piss me off gaming wise. Let me first state this post is not about Ret Pallies, Call of Duty, or Bagellord. What is it about then? Well that is quite simple it is about Day One Major Patches. First off for those of you who don't know a day one major patch is when if you happen to get a hard copy of a game then you have to spend time downloading the entire game because of 1 of two reasons

  1. Game was made into hard copies way too early
  2. Game was so buggy and awful they had to change way too much
In either case this is completely unacceptable. Learn how to develop a game and release it correctly. This is especially inexcusable if the release of the game is pushed back, because you know that means that it is both 1 and 2 at the same time. As a gamer you shouldn't accept these as being acceptable. Basically when you get a hard copy you shouldn't have anything, but a minor patch. These means the game is polished and really there might have been a few minor glitches and bugs that made it through the final cut. Final cut is the major point here. If you aren't going to make hard copies worth anything worth a damn then don't let the public buy them. There is nothing worse then getting a game taking it home especially when you are not aware of it and cannot play it right away because you have this massive patch to download to make it viable. Not to mention you may have paid extra for a hard copy that really isn't a hard copy of the game itself.

Now we as gamers can change this. Be vocal when companies do these things. This isn't something which is an ethical business practice and should not be allow to be a thing. Not to mention I am trying to think of a game that had a major day one patch that was actually well received in the long run. If so let me know for now I am just going to be angry.

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