Monday, November 30, 2015

World Of Thrones

Happy Monday! Well if Monday can be happy let it be a happy then. As most of you know I am a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire or to non-book people Game of Thrones. Now there is always plenty of Game of Thrones openings for different worlds especially in gaming. When I came across this one of Warcraft Universe be it unfinished currently doesn't mean it isn't worth sharing. So I present to you Marc Ottensmann World of Thrones

And now I cannot wait for the rest to be finished

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! You know that day at the end of the weekend when you are starting to realize your weekend is about over and you got nothing done that you were trying to finish. Well it is that day. It is also the day of the week where I answer questions sent to me throughout the week. So while you are wallowing in self regret let's see what the questions are this week.

Have you been laying an Overwatch?

Sadly no. Didn't get into Beta and for some reason could not log in to the open beta event lat weekend. I have heard so many great things about the game though. A few years ago I played a lot of Team Fortress 2 and it seems everything good like any Blizzard game has been transferred to their title. I look forward to playing this extensively in the future when we finally have a chance to get our hands on the release version. To everyone who is part of the beta just realize I hate you.

Do you think Protoss is in a bad spot in Legacy?

Right now it is a different game for protoss players. I find myself being rewarded for being overly aggressive early and punished by any race other than protoss for not playing that way. This is not to say if I don't cheese I don't win. Just seems that I am always having to punish someone or try to survive until I get the required units out. The colossi nerf really hurts against terran and the roles seem to be reversed as far as HotS and LotV. That is to say it is Protoss who has to survive the mid game. While zerg seems to have an edge early game that I believe needs to be fixed some how. I am not saying nerfs need to happen I am saying it could be a nerf or for some pro finding a way to punish the 3 hatch opening without putting yourself significantly behind. The game is still new though so this is to be expected so I am far from worrying about the matter.

So how was your Thanksgiving?

I am sure this is a troll, but it was good back in October

There they are the questions I picked for the week. Thank you to everyone who sent something in as always this couldn't be done without all of you, and to those still waiting for a response I will get to you don't worry.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Don't Mess With My Monitor

So here we are on Black Friday. Also on Friday we have this thing called the Reader Post. Where I pick a post for the week written by one of you to be showcased for the week. Now all this week you probably noticed all the Not My Turkey Day posts. If you didn't then I am really not sure what you must have been up to. With that in mind I wanted to post something to do with Black Friday. When I came across this picture sent in from Crispening. With just one tag line and I couldn't help but share.

"No one is getting my new monitor but me"

Good Luck Crispening! Everyone else your weekend before things get back to normal.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Not My Turkey Day

So when making this post I am surprised this is only my 4th Not My Turkey Day Rant. So maybe it doesn't both me as much as it should. I know it bothers me less now that I am not raiding in WoW 3+ times a week. I don't have to worry about cancelling a week's worth of raids because you have to prepare to go somewhere one day, go there the next day, eat too much the next, then shop for 4 year old items that you have to line up for hours for, then hear about all the things you lined up for, and then here you bitch about how you bought things you didn't even need.

Yes that really is what this week is all about. Today being the only real day that actually matters, but it turns out it isn't the only day that I am supposed to care about. I am not hating on your family or friends. Hell I am not even hating on having to change my routine. I am hating on the fact that I have to hear about them both endlessly like it is the only thing I care about.

Did you have a good holiday? To me yes is a pefectly acceptable answer. I don't need you to go on and on about every little thing that happened especially if it is holding up my gaming time. I also don't need you to tell me and then be distracted so you fuck up and I almost feel bad for calling you a special kind of stupid.

This is what this week turns into. Something that I have to recognize and pretend to care about more than I should have to because of "reasons". I am not heartless I care that you had a good holiday, but that doesn't mean I need to hear every tiny little detail from every single American person I know like it is the be all end of my existence.

This doesn't happen for any other holiday, which is why it is even more fucked up. Is there something in the turkey that does this? Or maybe it is spending too much time with people you hardly spend time with that makes you want to just let it out and tell everything like you are a girl with a box of wine and some tissues.

Oh yes I cannot wait for it to be over.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Not My Turkey Day Notes

So here we are in the middle of the week. The week itself being known as Not My Turkey Day week. There is plenty of things to go on and on about. I decided to go with the most notable things which happen this week and for the most part starting today and lasting till Sunday evening. So here we go

5. Declaring People Missing

How many of you have ever played an MMO? I am assuming most of you have. We all have those people on our friends list that never seem to log off. Whatever it is they are always around even if they are just sitting in town somewhere. Something weird happens on Not My Turkey Day. They logoff. The logical conclusion is that they are celebrating, but no one ever makes that conclusion. It it always about them being kidnapped or were they killed because you just can't picture them not being online

4. Better Competition

With many people off and doing their turkey things the player pool tends to get better. The ones who are online are the lifers or happen to not be celebrating Not My Turkey Day. This tends to reflect in the player pool being a lot more competitive because of people avoiding this time and people just not being on during the period.

3. Longer Queues

With the player pool being smaller it is also noted that queue times starting today tend to be quite longer. Just means that you are better served playing with friends. Hope you have some.

2. Catching Up With Randos

So come holidays you always tend to get random messages. Be it in game or text messages. These tend to mostly be from people you got the same type of messages from the last holiday.

1. Black Friday Sales From The Comfort Of My Own Home

So I guess it is a big deal to line up way before the sale happens to get some sort of door prize. I prefer just to sit and home and look at the sales online and not get trampled, but hey that could just be me.

There you have this week's list. What do you plan on doing the rest of the week? Or what are you looking forward to or not looking forward to?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You Fail At Not My Turkey Week If...

So here we are the week of American Thanksgiving or how I like to call it Not My Turkey Week. Now I know over the years I have made it a point to continuously poke fun at how this week turns into an absolute mess for all things gaming. I also know that every time I do this my hate mail becomes that much more enjoyable to read. So why should I change anything? So that is why I bring you this fail day.

You Fail At Not My Turkey Week If...

  • You have no idea what I am talking about
  • You think it is selfish of me to want to actually game during this week
  • You don't think the whole whole is laughing at you on Friday
  • You don't think I will not mention deep fried turkey while BMing you
  • You think raids should be canceled for the entire week
  • You think having a holiday on a Thursday makes any sense for planning
  • You are actually right now thinking for reasons Thursday is a good day
  • You don't realize not everyone cares it is Thanksgiving for you and should adapt to you
  • You are wondering why I am not posting ROFLBear videos this week about Mr. Green
  • You think now is a good time to level cooking
  • Insert Refugee joke here
  • You think I care to see a pilgrim cosplay in every game I play
  • You use this as an excuse for not getting crap done.
  • You are posting pics of you gaming when you are spending all that important time with family

And Finally

  • You think I don't find this amusing

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. I can already feel the rage burning inside people!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Team Battle

So here we are yet another Monday feeling all well and good about everything. Might also be recovering from the Overwatch weekend or maybe just were playing something else and didn't have a chance to check out the new Carbot Heroes of the Storm video. Well then that is why I am here to save the day! Have a look and enjoy!

And now doesn't that bring back memories

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is here and your weekend is coming to a close. Whatever shall we do? Well it is simple isn't it? The same thing we do every Sunday. Answer questions sent to me throughout the week! So here we go.

Do you feel Legacy of the Void is not new player friendly?

I think the changing of the macro mechanics leads to quicker play. Yes with the game being new and MMR being reset it makes it very difficult for new players not to get steamrolled until everything evens itself out. Now I know people have been saying it is really unfair to expect new players or returning players to play with over 100 APM. Again this isn't actually needed. Is Starcraft harder than your average game? Of course it is. It requires skill and practice to get your skills where they need to be. Mulitplayer really isn't for a casual player unless you are part of the lower leagues. People should accept that not. Not everyone is going to be a master or grandmaster player. It just doesn't work that way.

So it is over. What was your opinion of the Telltale Game of Thrones?

I have yet to play the last chapter, but I have enjoyed it. I like how it connects to the show without being part of the show. It feels as if it is in the same world, which I think is important. Just like their Walking Dead games have done. When everything is connected it feels more real even if neither will probably directly reference the other.

Have you been Cho'Gall infected?

Sadly not has of yet. Haven't had the time to play Heroes

There you have it this week's questions all answered. Hopefully you all got something out of it. If not then really I cannot do anything about it.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Too Soon...

Friday, which if you are from around here means it is time for the Reader Post. You know the post of the week where I leave it to one of you to send something in which you would think everyone would be interested in. Well this week I chose a rant from Ravenmoon. Now I will say I think this rant is rather early since we don't know much about Legion yet. But if it comes to pass then it certainly has a point. So will leave you with that, enjoy!

Amidst the information packed expansion, lore, zones, grand scale invasion, and what seems to be the start of the massive legion plot, something I think they and us have all missed and will become quite painfully clear once the news is digested... is the big hole where OUR night elves should be.
Where are they? and why are they absent from their homecoming? Why are they not taking centre stage in the narrative? ... this is their land, they're most familiar with the territory, secrets history, every other one of us [horde/alliance] is blind in comparison and they are the leading race against the Legion .. shouldn't we have been seeing Tyrande instead of Varian in that cinematic?

... most followers of the lore will begin to notice this soon... how would night elves like Tyrande Whisperwind, Mordant Evenshade, the priesthood and druids and those who've been around for 10,000 years - and lead the world twice against the Legion ...

Tyrande's homecity is Suramar, she'd know it so well.. you would definitely want to see their reaction to seeing it was saved, and delight to see survivors thriving and that turned to horror when they learn they opened up to the legion after standing against it for nearly 10,000 years .

Why is it Varian leading the charge and not Tyrande ? I can understand Varian being in the thick of it, not expecting to comeback and writing to his son, but on the ground, I would expect it would be Tyrande and our night elves marshaling and leading the factions against the Legion they know so well on HOME turf they know so well.

It's a huge omission - what have they planned? or did they actually forget? I was a bit surprised they used Dalaran and not some campaign to reclaim Suramar after which it becomes a night elf lead neutral city they launch the final thrust against Gul'dan and the legion're going to read and play Warcraft story and wonder why our night elves are not at the centre of our offensive.

So what do you think? Is this something to worry about or should we wait and see? Guess we will all just have to wait and see. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Game Smell

So Christmas kind of came early this year for gamers. We had Starcraft Legacy of the Void and Fallout 4 come out the same day. So that attitude of non-gamers about gamers wasting their time is all over the place lately. What people fail to realize is gamers like anyone are excited with something new. Do you look at people weird when they drive their new car around the block? Do you call people crazy when they want to give you a tour around their new house? Do you not understand when people talk about a new job? Do you just accept that people have to wear new clothes? I could go on and on, but in every other situation the world accepts what people do.

Then we have gamers. I have read quite a few articles about people not understanding why adults spend time away from loved ones when they get a new video game. They go on and on about how these is what is wrong with society. On the other hand if I had just picked up a new set of golf clubs and wanted to go golfing that would be perfectly ok. Or if I wanted to go watch a movie at the theatre or watch the new Game of Thrones all would be defined to be within the norm.

This is what is wrong with non-gamers. They refuse to accept that gaming itself abides by the same rules as the rest of the world. It doesn't mean you are an immature adult who doesn't care about what they should be doing. It doesn't mean you are ignoring the rest of the world. It means you are excited to do what is new like any normal human being would do.

As a test the next time someone you know is excited about something new that has nothing to do with gaming chirp them about it and see what happens. You know what will happen, but really this whole anti-gaming movement seems like a dinosaur world, and sometimes it just pisses me off.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's With The Weird Look?

Well here we are middle of the week and thinking about the list I will be doing. Truthfully though this list has been made for awhile in the anticipation of the new Fallout game. Now obviously last week was taken by the new Starcraft game Legacy of the Void, but that won't stop me from making this week's list of my favourite Fallout moments before the forth game.

5. Coming Out of Vault 101 - Fallout 3

This got you a little bit of everything. A bunch of worldly first which was eventually capped by seeing the sun rise for the first time.

4. Meeting the Master - Fallout

So not only is this "thing" creepy in appearance but it talks in multiple voices as if he is a next level Cho'gall. One of my favourite villains of all time.

3. Charon's Contract - Fallout 3

So you get this ghoul out of a bad deal and watch him shoot his previous employer. Something which wasn't only awesome, but slightly terrifying

2. Guardian of Forever - Fallout 2

So this is a special area you can find when going through a weird rock formation, but the most interesting things are what is inside. You are transported back in time to vault 13 the starting point in the originally game and are part of the series of events which started the series.

1. Blowing Up Megaton - Fallout 3

This was my number one before I even put some thought into this list because there is nothing like sitting back and watching a mushroom cloud in awe. You just don't do that very often do you?

There you have it my favourite Fallout moments before the 4th game. What are your favourite moments? As always let me know one way or another.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

You Fail At Legacy of the Void Multiplayer If...

So here we are it has been a week and it has been fun. There is much to learn with the new units and the new macro style in Legacy of the Void so let's talk about how people are failing at it.

You Fail At Legacy of the Void Multiplayer If...

  • You keep trying to 6 pool
  • You ignore all the new units
  • You lose to 1 base plays
  • You keep trying 1 base plays
  • You haven't tried any tournaments yet
  • You complain about a low league placement when everything adjusts itself quickly
  • You have yet to realize how many units have actives
  • You remained yourself "llllllllll"
  • You keep complaining when your old strats are failing
  • You suck at micro
  • You don't understand you have to play through the pain to learn
  • Lurkers
  • You ability to split seems to have the same ability as to run right into a bunch of banelings
  • You keep complaining about your teammates
  • You always forget detection

And Finally

  • You have ladder anxiety

There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoy it or learn something.. Happy Laddering!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Cloud Storms Into Battle

So you may not have heard, and if you haven't well this is going to be a great way to start your Monday. Cloud Strife himself is going to be joining Super Smash Bros. lineup. Yes you have heard that right and you are not dreaming. So yes I should be sharing a machinima of some sort today, but how could I when this news is upon us? I really couldn't could I? Here is the announcement trailer for it. Enjoy!

Just a wee bit pumped are we?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes here we are ending our weekend and raging that every store we go to is full of Christmas things. Oh how it gets me in the Christmas Spirit.

How have your Legacy of the Void placements gone?

Well let's just say my teammates haven't been the greatest. Four times so far I have had people on my teams who have played less than 50 games in their career. Now you could say this is just a new account, but then you should have seen them play. That is the way of it though. You get lucky some times, but it will all even itself out in the end in my mind. Hopefully everyone else's matches have gone pretty well.

Have you played any Fallout 4 yet? 

Not as of yet. Plan to do a lot of that this week as I have been pretty busy with Starcraft. It is after all one of my favourite series of all time so always put the time in it first. That doesn't mean I don't think Fallout isn't worth the time I know it will be awesome. Just has to start by taking a backseat.

So how about that Starbucks cup?

Ya no not touching that.

There they are the questions and the answers for the week. Hope you all got something out of it in one way or another. Try to enjoy what is left of your weekend and not rage about the Christmas stuff being thrown in your face.

Friday, November 13, 2015

About Ready To Get Out Of Here Cowboy?

Friday! Which means Reader Post and this Reader Post is going to contain some spoilers for the Legacy of the Void. So if you don't want any of those come back and read this after you are done the campaign. So this week's post comes to us from Mossie. It deals with Kerrigan's ascension and some confusion with it. So have a read and here it goes!

So I see a lot of people complaining about how in the epilogue, Kerrigan goes and turns into a Xel'naga, despite not having the Purity of Form that the Protoss have, which was a key part in the cycle of rebirth.

Or did she?

From multiple parts in the Campaign (Paraphrased, because I can't remember the mission names):


"I believe that the Keystone was designed to be found, and put together, by those races intended to find this place"


"The Xel'naga made all life in the universe, and two races would naturally ascend to Purity of Form and Purity of Essence. They would then come together, here, to ascend to Xel'naga."


"The Xel'naga would not interfere, until it came time for the Ascension"

And from the Blizzard Lore Panel

"The fact is, Zerg are unable to infest Protoss because of the incredible strength of Protoss psionics. The Zerg hive mind is a crucial part of infestation, and the Protoss have either the Khala or the Void to keep the hive mind out.

Beyond that, Protoss genetic material (or as the Zerg call it, essence) is simply antithetical to the Swarm. They just cannot use it."

So what is this saying?

Its saying that Amon's interference was done because he wanted too destroy all life in the universe, and needed a body. He was responsible for raising the Zerg + The Protoss into the force we know and love, not the Xel'naga, choosing what he thought to be the most viable candidates for Purity of Essence + Purity of Form. But he was partially wrong, part of which is PROTOSS GENETIC MATERIAL CAN NOT BE UTILIZED BY THE SWARM WITHOUT SOME CRAZY GENE SPLICING

I honestly think the campaign was hinting towards the fact that the protoss are not the race that is purity of form. What's more, the classic swarm is not purity of essence.


The TERRANS found, and assembled the Keystone. Not the protoss.
Kerrigan was deinfested from the Amon-corrupted swarm, and when she rejoined it was though a merging with the ORIGINAL, PRIMAL ZERG.

Together, this means that the TERRANS are the race that is purity of form, not the protoss, and the only Zerg who are purity of essence are those untouched by Amon, the PRIMAL ZERG.

And since Kerrigan was a hybrid of Terran and Primal Zerg, she was able to ascend to become a Xel'naga.

So what do you think? This really is exactly what I thought during the Tomb level when Artanis was reading it. She already was the Hybrid needed. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Void Campaign

So here we are the Thursday after the release of Legacy of the Void. I am going to give my no spoiler review of the campaign since I have completed it, but if you aren't interested in any of that you have been warned.

Well what can I say there was many up and down moments of the campaign. There were moments of feels and there were moments of triumph. There was also quite unexpected moments that one who has played through it would be willing to give me the jaw drop on. I enjoyed the story and the epilogue although would have liked the epilogue to be longer than it was. Made sense to have it set as three missions for the 1 for each race concept, but it felt rushed for what we were doing. The core missions though were well placed slightly more difficult than Heart of the Swarm and the story progressed well.

Like I said it gave you all the things you want in the story. I know some people are going to be upset they didn't deal with certain things how "they" wanted but for a story as per Blizzcon which was in place since 1998 they did a very good job at bring it to a conclusion.

Can't really explain more without spoiling so I will leave it into that as I head into the mulitplayer fun, which I know will take up way too much of my time.

My Life For Aiur!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

En Taro Tassadar

So after playing a bit of the campaign well there has been a little bit of a shocker. With that in mind though I thought for this week's list and sticking to the theme of Starcraft for the week I would list the best deaths in the series thus far.

5. Admiral DuGalle

The death that ended the Brood War story and had a heartfelt letter being sent home to his wife. Not only one of the best deaths, but one of the best moments of the series.

4. Arcturus Mengsk

Well we all knew it was going to happen eventually. It is like that guy who you know has something coming to him and you jsut want him to get it. You know like Joffery in Game of Thrones. Well when this finally happened it was quite satisfying.

3. Fenix

He didn't get a fancy cutscene or anything like that, but still one of the most likely protoss out there that you just felt for. That and the fact that it was betrayal well that says it all.

2. Tychus Findlay

You went through all of Wings of Liberty with Tychus and Raynor, but I don't think anyone expected the way it ended until it ended. RIP Tychus.

1. Tassadar

Was there any doubt? He gave it all just so everyone else would have a chance at life. We are still fighting for what he gave us a chance for. En Taro Tassadar.

There they are my most memorable deaths throughout the Starcraft series before Legacy of the Void. Just have to prepare ourselves with what happens during it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You Fail At Being Ready For Legacy of the Void If...

Fail Day! And what a day it is. Today we see the launch of Legacy of the Void! Yes the final chapter of Starcraft II is upon us. So why not see how you may not be ready for it!

You Fail At Being Ready For Legacy of the Void If...

  • You haven't pre-downloaded the patch
  • You haven't checked your release time
  • You don't like Artanis
  • You don't believe Aiur is worth saving
  • You don't like the idea of Co-Op missions
  • You haven't played Whispers of Oblivion yet
  • You are not excited to be aboard the Spear of Adun
  • You have no idea why Artanis' psi blades are two different colours
  • Can you say Archon mode?
  • You don't know what the new unit units are
  • You just looked up what the new units are
  • You are not intrigued by automated tournments
  • You don't have a curiosity about MMR specific on your race

And Finally

  • You are choosing to play Fallout 4 first
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and are ready to go to reclaim our homeworld!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Legacy of the Void Launch Trailer

Monday! Here we are one day away from the Launch of Legacy of the Void. When a game's trilogy that has changed the scope of gaming story comes to an end. It really is something isn't it. Well waht better thing to showcase this week then but the launch trailer to get you even more hyped up.

Just one more day!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes Blizzcon is over and we are all sad. How can we not be it was a pretty amazing Blizzcon wasn't it? What better way to finish off Blizzcon then to answer some Blizzcon themed questions for Ask Gauss

What did you think of the Warcraft Movie Trailer?

It was amazing actually. I really think the way they are doing the movie is right. Sticking to the story and not making it Humans vs Orcs and Good vs Bad. There is good and evil on both sides as GRRM says. I also think this movie is going to appeal to non gamers especially with fantasy getting bigger into the main stream since Lord of the Rings.

Favourite part of Blizzcon?

The opening ceremonies are always a great thing. We got to see what was coming up for each and every game as well as a Starcraft send off which I think was a great touch. Really though watch the series between sOs and Life was something special. Watching that actually gave me some chills. Best players of HotS doing battle for the world title and it going to 7 games. And that warp prism snipe!

So Cho'gall?

Even if as a character it fails. I love the concept.

There you have it questions for the week. Hope you all enjoyed it as well as Blizzcon itself!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Blizzcon Pros and Cons

Friday and it is Reader Post time, but it is also the first day of Blizzcon! That is if you didn't know. Well as a tribute to the day and to those going here is Gunrocks's Pros and Cons list for Blizzcon. Hope you all enjoy!

My Pros and Cons of Blizzcon

1. Enjoying "beverages", taking pictures, and hanging out at the Hilton hotel bar with the Blizzard devs, creators, and staff. Many of them are pretty laid back and have a lot of stories to tell.

2. Late night parties at the Hilton or the Marriott next to it. Holy S*^&, there is a lot of repression that gets unleashed during Blizzcon, just be careful which room/party you get invited to.

3. Introvert friendly zone - The whole area around the convention center day and night is usually judgement free so have fun without being self-conscious.

4, Witnessing the real life version of forum behavior in the crowds when panel discussions and Q&A's are taking place. It's got to be the most entertaining way to spend time while you recover from your drinks from the previous night.

5. If you have the slightest advantage in cardiovascular status, you can out run most the masses to the lines for the Blizzcon stores. (The second day of the 2010 blizzcon convention, I decided to be there right when the doors opened. As soon as they did, I bolted for the store on the north side of the convention floor. There was a ton of shouting and yelling like someone just opened the gates to AV and everyone was thundering across the fields of strife. As I reached the line, it suddenly got very quiet so I turned around and saw the majority of the guys in queue were doubled over wheezing in agony as their so's and friends looked on in concern. It was a moment that I will never forget.)

6. Get there a day or two early so you can do the following - Check out the sunset on the west coast, it's amazing. Hit up theme parks and other local attractions. AND FOR PETE'S SAKE, GO TO IN AND OUT BURGER!!!

1. THE SMELLS, OH GOD THE SMELLS! - One the first day of the one I went to in 2008, the entire convention center smelled like steak and onions and I wasn't anywhere near the food courts. People would slide down the most clench inducing consumables I'd ever witnessed. Quite a few people had this perpetual sheen on them that was akin to some kind of petroleum byproduct. I remember at the 2010 blizzcon, the swag bag actually had travel sized sticks of Degreee deodorant and that people must have gotten the message because it didn't smell nearly as bad that time around.

2. Wait times - It's Blizzcon, so it's going to be crowded. Plan your two days around what you want to do by priority and get there when it opens. I'm sure there have been improvements, but the store lines for both times i've gone were lengthy in wait.

3. Airports being Airports - If your travel method is flying, make sure the airport isn't going to have a problem with the goods you bring back from blizzcon. I remember one of those years they sold diablo stress balls to the attendees and a good number of them got confiscated at security checkpoints.

All in all, I had an absolute blast both times and it makes for an even better experience to go or meet up with friends or guildmates. 

There you have it. To all of those going enjoy!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Warcraft Trailer Teaser

So I know this week is supposed to be all about Blizzcon, and it is but how could I not mention the teaser trailer that seems to have taken the world by a storm. Now Blizzard has officially announced the trailer will debut at Blizzcon now but the 15 seconds we got has shown us quite a bit. We all knew there was going to be CG. The orcs in the Warcraft Universe are much different than the orcs in the Token universe. You can also see the lines being drawn from the time of Orcs vs Humans. One of the reasons Duncan Jones got this directing job when others didn't was that he was going to be doing Humans good, Orcs bad scenario. There is good and bad on every side and I am glad they will be doing this right.

What can I say though. After watching the teaser all I want is to see more and I am truly excited what the movie itself will bring. It is really going to be a long wait till June 10th.

For those living under a rock though here is the teaser!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

War Is Coming

So here we are the Wednesday before Blizzcon and you know this week's list is going to be about Blizzcon. What about it you may ask though? Well that is simple, it is going to be the things I am most excited to see at this years Blizzcon. So here they are!

5. Wil Wheaton Hosting Abilities

I am truly interested how this will work itself out. So I will reserve my judgement until after.

4. New Heroes in Heroes of the Storm

Always interested in who will be joining the Nexus next. So why change?

3. Legion Lore Panel

I am a lore guy. So any information I can get on it the better. Warcraft has been a household name for so many years because of the story within the story and I look forward to hearing more of it.

2. WCS Starcraft II Champion

Well it all comes down to this? Who will be this years world champion? Will Life make it hard to not name him the greatest SC2 player of all time?

1. Warcraft Movie Trailer

Not sure this is a surprise to anyone. I think people have known for over a year that Blizzcon was going to be the world release of the trailer and everyone is still hyped for it. Well I can't wait

There you have it everything I am looking forward to the most. There are countless things I am looking forward to though these just happen to be my top 5. Here is looking to a great Blizzcon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

You Fail At Being Ready For Blizzcon If...

Fail Day! Not just any fail day though it is the Fail Day of Blizzcon Week. What does that mean? Well it means I will be doing a Fail Day in the spirit of Blizzcon obviously. So why don't we get right to it.

You Fail At Being Ready For Blizzcon If...

  • You have no idea what Blizzcon is
  • You plan on working the Friday and Saturday
  • You are not looking forward to the Warcraft Movie trailer
  • You are not interested in any of the Esports finals
  • You are not wondering if Red Shirt Guy will show up
  • You don't care about what is up for any of their games
  • You could careless about Overwatch news
  • You are not wondering who is going to injured themselves during the dance contest
  • You are not in the least bit interested about expansions being announced
  • You are not curious about the Legacy of the Void show matches
  • Wil Wheaton?

And Finally

  • You don't plan on watching it one way or another

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and are ready for Blizzcon.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Isn't Falstad Dead?

Monday! Not just any Monday though, it is the Monday before Blizzcon. So with that in mind I thought why not bring back memories of one of the Best Blizzcon moments ever. The Immortal Red Shirt Guy. So here it is

Now aren't you ready for Blizzcon?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! And happy time change. If you believe in that time change stuff. Hopefully everyone survived their Halloween in one way or another. Now we can get back into the normal swing of things. Starting with it being Sunday and me answering some questions.

So what are you most looking forward to at Blizzcon?

I think what everyone else is, the Warcraft Movie trailer. Now they haven't even announced that this is going to be shown at this year's Blizzcon, but it is what everyone is expecting. If you know anything at Blizzcon you know there is always a big reveal of some sort. This also includes the big reveals from each game in their universe as well. So I cannot see it any other way then during the opening ceremonies we see the trailer.

If Life wins the WCS this year does this make him the greatest Starcraft II player ever?

I think if he wins him and MVP will be the only ones in the discussion. His stats speak for themselves. Even when Zerg was in a bad spot meta wise he still found a way to win tournaments, which to me speaks volumes of his skill. During Terran down times you never saw the same things from MVP which is why I will always tend my vote to Life even now. Just makes this tournament all the more exciting.

Think Red Shirt Guy will make an appearance?

I would be quite surprised if we didn't see him.

There you have it this week's questions. Hopefully you got something out of it and can start your time change recovery off on the right foot. Happy Blizzcon week everyone!