Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Best Screen Captured Moments

So when I was thinking about what to make some sort of list about today. I had quite a few ideas all of which I will get to, but today what I came to decide on today was Screen Captured moments. You see there is many games good or bad which have those moments which happen and you are like wow I wish I could have that as a picture. Some of these moments are iconic, some of them are forgotten after years away from them. It remains to be said though that the shot itself will always be epic. SO here are my top 5 which I think you will all appreciate.

5. Sarah Kerrigan during the battle with Narud

There are countless screens which you could have taken from the fight itself but this is by far my favourite. It is iconic in the fact that her is the Queen of Blades focused on her goal doing what she has to no matter the cost. It gives me nerd chills just looking at it.

4. Leah turning into Diablo

Again right after the betrayal your first playthrough you are still in shock of what happened. Diablo is now the person who has been helping along the way. This is also right before the fight with Imperius so seeing this just reminds me of how epic that fight was and the transformation itself.

3. Illidan Stormrage "The Betrayer Speech"

This is the first time you see Illidan's full half demon half nightelf transformation. This is also the opening screen to Warcraft III Frozen Throne. Which I still feel has one of the greatest stories of any RTS and they aren't even supposed to have stories. Everytime I see this pic I say the words in my head again and again "Betrayer it was I who was betrayed" if that isn't reason enough to put this on the list I don't know what is.

2. Plane Crash Behind Drake

There truly is nothing to love about this. Ignore the fact you were on the plane. Ignore the fact that you are in the middle of the desert. Ignore all of that and the shot is still amazing. This screams "cool guys don't look at explosions" and I don't even know if this was done on purpose. There really is nothing to not love about Drake's character and this shot explains it all in a nutshell.

1. Sephiroth In The Flames

There is no moment in gaming which is analyzed more than this. There is no moment which shows off a greater villian. There is pain hatred and insanity all together. I  don't think there was any doubt of any of you when you were reading this list of what would be number 1 and that is why it is #1. The shot of shots one which all will be compared to till the end of time.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. If you ever have shots of anything you want to take a look at send them along I always love a good screen shot unless it is of a turtle of course.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You Fail At Rift Dimensions If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time once again how excited are you? I always love writing Fail Day posts as it is a way to vent frustration and to poke fun at things I have done, friends, random people, or the village idiot have done. Lately I have been spending too much time and an insane amount of platinum building my dimension in Rift so it came naturally that I would do the Fail Day post about Dimensions so here goes.

You Fail At Rift Dimensions If...
  • You use Warden's Point
  • You have plants coming through your walls
  • You can see people waving at you on the other side of your walls
  • Visitors zone inside of something and are forever stuck
  • The gaping whole in your bridge makes accessing parts an adventure
  • A map would be a great addition
  • Objects tend to defy gravity
  • You have no idea what morphing is
  • You mount inside of Chateau Gauss
  • You believe making round walls will be an easy venture
  • You price check others dimensions when visiting
  • Fall damage was a thing you would have issues
  • You hate other people for having things you don't
  • You think the glowing blue barrier is a great place to start placing buildings beside
and finally
  • You enjoy Ember Isle music
There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to see what I have come up with. Come visit my dimension on Necropolis "Chateau Gauss" just please don't mount inside the house it angers me. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

An Oxhorn Brand Medley

Monday! Yes,i know I shouldn't have put that ! there, but hey I did it anyway. Why? Well today is Machinima Monday the post of the week where I showcase a machinima or animation from the world of gaming. Today though I make this post with a little sadness. If you did no know Oxhorn has stopped making movies. Oxhorn is one of the first machinimators I ever came across and he is one of the major reasons I always look for and watch machinima. So when I heard he was stopping I was sad, but I look where it took him and then realize when I showcase these machinima who knows maybe they are one of the next Oxhorn's and I don't even know it. So today I decided I am going to show one of my favourite Oxhorn machinima An Oxhorn Brand Medley.

A moment of silence for one of the greats. Enjoy your day!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes it is that time of the week once again. Hard to believe the weekend is over. Well it is hard to believe Friday was my birthday. Regardless it is that time of the week and here in Gauss Land Sunday means it is time for Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I answer some of the questions sent to me throughout the week. Don't know how to send in a question? Well it is pretty simple on the top right of the page you will see a ton of different ways to find me and get a hold of me. Pick one and do it, it is that simple. So why don't I go ahead with the questions

With all the games coming up, what one are you most looking forward to?

Well I am looking very forward to Lightning Returns and Assassin's Creed 4, but the game I am by far most looking forward to is Beyond Two Souls. Haven't heard of it? Well you are certainly missing out. I cannot do it justice by jsut explaining it so here is a trailer for it. But beware you will be hooked.

I know right?

So you are a Cleric in Rift you like it?

Well it has been quite awhile since I have played anything healer. It is different which is good. Most would be suprised I didn't pick a warrior, and I guess that would make sense, but there was a time when picking a warrior would have seemed weird. You see I only played a warrior in WoW because Cairne was my favourite character in Warcraft III. I wouldn't have picked a warrior of any other race. In reality I have in general always prefered mages of the black magic variety throughout my gaming career.

Anyways, to get back to the question is I like it gives me something different to do in a game which is very similar to WoW. So to anyone I would suggest playing something different then you are used to just so it seems different, because the game is similar enough that it wouldn't be much of a change.

Do you still hate Ret Pallys?

Do I still require air to breathe?

There you have questions answered for the week. Hope you enjoyed it or got something out of it. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

NEVER GO FULL....too late.

Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays

 Happy Birthday again to Gauss :) Hope everyone's week was great! I finally hit level 60 in Rift. So far yes I do feel more badass. Yes I still get owned by *************** stunlock rogues, and mages!!!! Had quite a lot of screenshots we've received since last Saturday, and it was funny and awesome at the same time. I couldn't decide between these two players SO I did faction vs. faction. They are both beyond amazing. 

 There were a few more that were great reminders of places. Like Scarlet Monistary!! A player took the time to farm every piece. It looked amazing. And a female panda with The Twinblades of Azzinoth. It was adorable and badass at the same time. Oldschool rogue looks was awesome. I was a ret/prot pally for years so i'm a sucker for cool looking palies :). Casters mean looking like the usual, but these were very creative ones. Newer gear I haven't seen yet. But awesome! There was even a "grasshopper" someone in all green. Gave us some entertainment so we thank you Mr. Green :)

 So this week, I wanted to talk about some of the things we do as gamers we pray nobody has witnessed. The ultimate moment of failure. Mine are daily honestly. Gauss could talk forever making fun of my derped moments. Yesterday by far was legit the most embarrassing i've had in a while. So before I tell you let me just tell you... I play a very specific way. Yes I keyboard turn (BUT NEVER ONCE DIED TO SINDRAGOSA'S BLISTERING COLD THANK YOU!) even tanked Putricide many times. I tab target all the time. Farming in WoW did that to me. I'm trying to break the habits... but yeah. I'm a mass clicker. I use no keybindings but have amazing APM in Starcraft. 

 Breaking all these habits would make me a better gamer yes, but hey i'm the way I am. Anyways we were in a dungeon (Archives of Flesh) and in the beginning killing adds, I tab targeted and charged a statue. A nice non confrontational statue. I laughed so hard and didn't tell Gauss for like 2 minutes. Yeah... I went full derp mode. Luckily nobody saw it :D 

 There was another hilarious time when we were playing Diablo 3. Made some hardcore characters. I made a male wizard (because they look like Joseph-Gordon Levitt) and I made it to I think level 27 when we were passing through some walls of fire. LOL.. I was like don't worry Gauss, it's only normal mode the fire can't hurt us! Sooo I walked through it and my mouse battery died RIGHT ON TOP OF IT. Died almost instantly. He still will not let me live that down. Funny my first hardcore character I made a witchdoctor. If you know the game, in act 2 there are sand twisters out there. Yeah.. I was harmlessly walking along and BAM! Game spawned a sand twister on my face. Killed me instantly.

  So, don't feel bad when you mess up. Some people blame the game glitching out, or bad healers, or even lag for their mistakes when they know it wasn't at all those things but hey. It's embarrassing. I know I will get a lot of trolling from all these confessions but I know i'm not the only gamer out there with moments like these. I'm interested to know what yours are. If you'd like send an email or even comment your story. We'd love to hear about your derp mode adventures.

Also!! Off topic. Anyone else been watching Dexter?! OMG!! I'm also very sad I have to wait until November 23rd for Doctor Who to come back. Thanks for all feedback everyone. Hope all is well and your weekends are great ones.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday....To Me

That is right 31 years ago today this world became graced with my very presence. Hard to believe I am 31 mostly because I tend not to act my age. Although when I start quoting things before people's times it does tend to date me. I guess the Endless Rage post kind of  did that. Truly though games used to be a lot more difficult when developers weren't concerned with the thing we like to call fairness.

Here is a short list of things which I predate
  • Electronic Arts
  • Super Mario
  • Link
  • Final Fantasy
  • Game Genie
  • The Internet
  • Blizzard Entertainment
Yes those are just a few of them. Yes I am getting up there in gamer years, but just makes my thoughts, observations, and rants have that much more meaning right? Or could just mean I am going just a little crazy. So cheers here is to another year of my existence!

If you came here today looking for the reader post. Well as you can see it is not here. It will be here next week. So if you can live without it enjoy your weekend if you can't well that I kind of feel sorry for you. Be sure to remember to check out Safiree post tomorrow I am sure it will be a good one as always.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

FibreOP Gaming League

So it isn't too often when I promote something. Well frankly it hardly ever happens, but when I do it is something which I really like or something I believe in. The FibreOP Gaming League is one of those things. Gaming for charity is on a new level of awesome in my books. I have made sure to support this even during every cup anyway which I possibly can because the charities they choose to support are ones which are always close to home. Check out their website to see what is going on FibreOP Gaming League

Also remember it is Free to enter for any Canadian Resident. I have taken part in the Starcraft portion twice and really had a great time doing so. The games are always exciting to watch abd when LAGTV is involved you know it will be something special. Hell even take a look at their promotional video for it

So if you are able and willing sign up and if you can't then watch the live stream to support anyway you can. Playing and watching games is fun but doing so while also making a difference is something special. So come on get up and do something.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Endless Rage

Wednesday middle of the week, which as of late has turned into me making a sort of list. So why not come up with another one. When thinking of what to do I was thinking about when I was playing The Last Of Us on survival mode. Yes it was hard, but would I even consider it one of the hardest games I ever played? Not a chance really. I have played a countless amount of games over my lifetime and when trying to think of games I thought were the Hardest I ever played well those games came to my mind almost instantly. So here goes.

5. Castlevania

Castlevania is know for setting the standard for difficult games more so towards that is is at least it’s semi-fair. Well, sort of. Each level is laid out perfectly to make sure every single touch on your controller is perfectly timed. Also I remember countless times where the amount of enemies never seemed to end, and made me scream out WHY. Oh and the very fact that you cannot move while jumping ya that drove me insane. Overall though it will be a game I will never forget even if I cringe at times when seeing pictures.
4. Contra

Modern games have nothing on Contra with their auto saves and unlimited continues. Who needs those? In Contra you got 3 lives thats it. You had no health regen or any of those random things which exist nowadays. If you got hit by a bullet you died its over sucks to be you. Yes oh how this game caused countless screaming matches playing coop

3. Demon Souls

Most if not all modern games are user friendly where the developers are happy you took the time to play their game and believe you should expierence the content. Everyone should beat the game right? Well this is where Demon Souls came in and said a big Fuck you to evcryone. You die repeatly doing basics things and the only help you get is messages left by others who sadly came to the same fate. If you haven't had the pleasure or endless pain I suggest you take it for a spin.

2. Ninja Gaiden Black

This is a game in which I will always remember every single boss fight mostly because I spent countless hours trying to figure them out. Now it is not that the rest of the game was easy no is was brutally hard, but the boss fights and their mechanics where borderline unfair at times, and it drove you absolutely insane. A game that when and if you finally beat it you truly are proud of yourself.

1. Battletoads

Widely consider impossible to beat in single player and friendly fire exists in coop. It is a game that I compare all game difficulties too. Now you may say well you played this a long time ago and there is no way it  compares to Demon Souls  or  Ninja Gaiden and I will tell you that both of those games with all of the time I put into them are basically Hello Kitty Island Adventure in comparison. This is a game where screaming cursing and anything else happened again and again. Ask anyone who has ever had the Battletoads experience what they think and I am sure they will go on and on about how difficult it was.

There you have it there is my Rage list. Do you have one? Agree or Disagree let me know.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Fail At Rift If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week once again. I know I know it truly is a great time to be alive. I know some of you are so horrible you came here today just to laugh at other people for doing stupid things. You should feel ashamed and I should feel horrible for instigating it. I don't though so it's all good. As some of you know if not all of you I have been playing some Rift lately. Went free to play so figured I would give it a second look. It isn't that bad and it is something fun to play to pass some time. Not that I play to play it to seriously besides building my super epic amazingly awesome house. Yes you just read that sentence, and no I am not sorry for writing that. So let's just get on with it.

You Fail At Rift If...

  • It doesn't bother you when you are a mercenary
  • You do not have a dimension
  • You cannot queue for more then 1 role
  • You don't think 50-60 seems a little long
  • Your computer can barely run it
  • You die to fall damage
  • You are one of those people spamming fireworks
  • You ask about flying mounts
  • You are an  Alienware person
  • You haven't visited Chateau Gauss
  • You queue for an Instant Adventure only to leech
  • You enjoy the mines
  • You call Warfronts Waterfronts
and finally
  • You refuse to accept it is a WoW clone.
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it,a and if you want to come see me or my Dimension on Rift the Information is top right. Enjoy your day

Monday, July 22, 2013

Written By You!

Happy Monday! Is that an Oxymoron? Can a Monday really be a happy Monday? I guess if it was your birthday or Christmas, but then that would all depend on how old you were turning or if you were sad and alone. Wow that got off topic fast. The hate mail is going to be epic for that one. So Monday means one thing well it means many things, but in Gauss Land it means it is Machinima Monday. The post of the week where I showcase a video for all of you to see. Now I know I have shown a Beckman  video before. Azerothian Super Villains anyone? But I just had to share this one with all of you. This is a Machinima which is written from comments. Yes you know that silly forum game where you give one line to a story? Well he made a video out of it, and frankly did a pretty amazing job at it. So I know I have made you curious so check it out it is pretty amazing.

So happy Monday or not, try and enjoy your day!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ask Gauss

Here we go the weekend coming to an end. Went by pretty fast it seems. Has been crazy hot here, yes we don't always hang out with the polar bears here. I know hard to believe, but it's true. With it being Sunday though that means it is time for Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I answer a few questions which have been sent to me throughout the week. If you are unsure of how to send in your question it is pretty easy. Top right of the page is a variety of ways to get a hold of me so pick one and make it happen. So let's get to the questions.

So I haven't been able to comment or even access your sidebar on the blog what is wrong?

Google's dynamic views appears to be not working. I actually reworked the blog to an older style and updated it to make it more Gauss. You should be able to access all the information now without a problem. For all the people that sent in concerns on this issue it is appreciated and I have reported the error to Google. So for now will have to put up with a little less interactive blog although I made it look pretty good I think. Don't all of you? Really it comes down to the fact if you can't read or access something let me know and I will either tell you it is your computer and help you work it out or it could be a problem in general and I will fix it.

What is the best collector's edition you ever purchased?

The Final Fantasy XII was a pretty good edition, but I am unsure if that should count because it also was an anniversary edition so it just wasn't for the game. So in just game context I think I would have to go with Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog has always been great with collector's edition but with Uncharted 3 they went above and beyond what has been the norm. Especially now with companies using them as cash cows. The relic it came with was something else and fairly or not I base every collector's edition I get now to it. Kind of makes me excited to see what is going to happen when Uncharted 4 comes out.

I know you don't play Xbox games but when was the last time you played Call of Duty?

There you have it. This week's questions answered. Hope the answers were worth the wait. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How do I look?

Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays 

  Happy Saturday everyone! Other than leveling, farming, and PVPing my face off, things haven't been too eventful lately. So i'm going to talk about things other bloggers, and commentators and gamers never talk about. VANITY! :D Been to the barber lately? Buy that new transmog you have farmed and farmed and never have been able to get? Well, in rift there are soooo many custom options for your character. I try to make my female Kelari Rogue as ugly as possible. With in game barbers you can change everything from your height, skin color, make up, face marks, and hair of course. If you even wanted to you could change your race, and faction. 

  I also learned you can literally take any piece of gear in the game and copy the wardrobe design and keep it forever. So what I came up with being a rogue and all wasn't so awesome, but..different. I guess I wanted to be a pally too lol. They have tons of costumes pre made you can buy. Other crafting mats you can add to make yourself "unique" but overall the worst I've seen someone wear, is a wedding dress. Veil and all. Creepy seeing someone trying to kill you wearing such an outfit. 

  Some other people look really awesome. They have different dyes you can use for your gear. The options are infinite when you come up with how awesome you decide to look. You can even hide all of your gear and wear your birthday suit even! Although we can still see you swing your staff you are taken less seriously :) HEHE.

  I stopped playing World of Warcraft shortly after transmogs became a thing, but before those, collecting awesome pieces from older raids, dungeons, and quests were priceless. Like my witch's hat, or the ruby slippers that dropped in Karazhan, and everyone at one point or another owned a shovel. Remember those elixirs that turned you into skellies? BEST ITEM IN GAME by far when it comes to costumes. Noggenfogger elixirs in Tanaris. They will change your life. 

  Now everyone who knows me, knows i'm far from being about "feminism". But if I did have one complaint with games, it is why do female characters always need to look provocative in some way or another? When I look for the pieces of costume, or gear I want to look cool with it but it is usually always skimpy gear when I equip it? I wish I didn't have to make a male character just to see my sick set of gear. This especially in Diablo 3, female characters the higher the level, and amount of gear the less clothing it looks like they have on. They should add abs for males as an enchant or something for us ladies to look at. All im saying :D

  Sometimes I wish I could do a boss fight and just strip them of all their gear when they die. If I had to choose a specific boss it would be Lich King of course. Which would you choose? Have there been any amazing changes with your characters appearance lately? Email screenshots and Gauss and I will pick one to be next weeks picture of topic!! As always thanks for reading, and giving supporting feedback. Love yo faces!

^In the beginning stages of leveling, we always look bad... lol 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Reader Posts

So Friday used to always be the Reader Post before I took my break, I would give a topic and readers would send in thoughts on what they though on the particular topic throughout the week. Sometimes it was votes to form a list other times it was just stories they had about a particular topic. If you are interested in many of them look up the Reader Post tag there are plenty of good ones.

On that note the last two weeks I have put up emails I have received one of them was one trying to make me feel bad, the other was telling me to keep doing what I was doing. Without even realizing this it was a Reader Post without being a Reader Post. So when I got this email this past week it seemed to click.


I just want to say first how great it is to have you back. I now have great things to laugh about and new ways to laugh at my friends because of Fail Day. Also Safiree Saturday's are a great addition. Different, but it is good to see what it is like to game with you for those of us who don't, and I have always been curious what it is like to be a girl gamer. So I am looking forward to some insight into that.

With all that in mind though. Where in the hell are the Reader Posts? You said when you did your return post that they would be returning. They always made me laugh at others misfortunes or really how stupid other gamers can be. I have seen you post 2 emails the last 2 Friday's is this on purpose? Is this what the Reader Post going to be? Now I like the idea that someone could be responsible for an entire post for the week if that is what you are going for, but are you going to give us topics? Or is it just going to be an email  you see fit to share? Was this explained and I just didn't read the post. If so would you mind directing me to it as I am not trying to waste your time. 

Anyway it is great to have you back and look forward to hear what you got going on.

Best Regards,

So this wasn't on purpose, but I love this idea. Send me an email or a post on something you think is interesting that others will enjoy. This could be a story something you experienced or even a good old fashion rant. I will look through them and you will have the pleasure of being the post for the week. Sounds good no?

Enjoy your weekend, and don't forget to check out what Safiree has to say tomorrow.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Losing Faith In Collector's Edition

So I have been losing faith in collector's editions as of late. They have became this way for companies to make money off of minimal extra stuff a lot of the time it is just crap thrown into a box. Now that is not to say some recent collector's edition haven't been great. The Last of Us was pretty amazing as Naughty Dog edition's are. As was Heart of the Swarm, which I sadly only got the digital deluxe because of the Diablo III what they hell you buying all of them when I want one and I am right behind you bro issue.

Other than those there haven't been ones which have have made me go yes and I getting that no matter what. There are some that I will think about and decide to get eventually. They did release details of one I will be getting and which may have restored some faith I have been losing. And since this week has had a lot of Assassin's Creed in it I thought it was worth showing.

Awesome right? Now that is a pretty awesome flag and I will have to find a use for. Artbooks are always a plus if the are is good and you should know by now I am a fan of AC art. So what is there not to like. SO maybe just maybe this may be the turn around of collector's editions for me.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not So Main

When deciding what I was going to right about today I had quite a few things I was thinking about. I was thinking how Nolan North's voice acting is often taken for granted and the latest example being his work as David in The Last of Us. This then got me thinking of those characters in games we take for granted of how amazing they are because they are not the hero or heroine or the "main" character. So this post is my top non main characters.

5. Victor Sullivan(Sully)

He found Nathan at a young age and raised him as if he was his own. He may not be the greatest role model, but he always has words of wisdom or answers or questions you don't want to hear. Most of all he is their for Nathan whenever he is needed no matter what it entails.

"Here's the thing kid. We don't get to choose how we start in life. Real "greatness" is what you do with the hand you are dealt."

4. Luigi

The often forgotten brother who no matter how many times Princess Peach gets captured is always there to help. Sure he has had some of his own games over the years, but that is only because so many screamed for this forgotten brother to get some of his own attention.

"What? Stay home and take care of the house? Man, that's not exciting at all!"

3. Balthier

Sky Pirate always looked down upon, but it is he who saved everyone in the end. There really wasn't a true main character in FFXII, but if you had to choose I don't think anyone would say Balthier. He had the wit and the charisma that he was a guy you just wanted to cheer for. Besides he was a cool pirate before Jack Sparrow was.

"Princess! No need to worry. I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man. He never dies."

2. Leonardo da Vinci

The one who was always there when Ezio needed him. To craft whatever was needed at the time, and at other times ideas that seem so far fetched that they worked. Even when forced to worked for the opposing side he never wavered in his loyalty to Ezio. Truly a man of principle.

"Ezio! I think I've figured out how to make a man fly!"

1. Vivi Ornitier

This was never really even a competition. Vivi is by far the best non main Character in any game without a doubt in my mind. He is the one everyone wants to cheer for. He is struggling with the idea he could be dead tomorrow. He knows nothing about himself or where he came from a scary parallel to Zidane when you think about it. He turns out to one of the wiser characters without even knowing much himself. He was voted #3 in all time Final Fantasy characters only behind Cloud and Sephiroth. His face has turned into a symbol around the globe one that is recognizable by gamer and non gamers alike. He truly is on a completely different level

 "Mr 288 told me that I understand what it means to live and to die... But it's only because I thought stopping was different from dying... I don't think I really understand what it means to live or to die. Where do we come from...? Do we go back there when we die...? If that's what it means to live... I wonder where I came from... Where will I end up when I die...? Why am I shaking? What is it I'm feeling...?"

There you have it. Some I thought about putting on the list Illidan Stormrage, Snow, Nightmare, and Dekard Cain. Agree or Disagree tell me about it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

You Fail At Assassin's Creed If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that day once again. How can you not love fail day? It is that day that we all feel that much better about ourselves, or that much worse if you are one of those special people... This week since I an still kind of disgusted by that question that was sent to me decided to take this week's Fail Day post to the Assassin's Creed side. So here goes.

You Fail At Assassin's Creed If...
  • You have no idea was don't often wonder if this could be real
  • You don't often look at rooftops when you are walking in a city or a town
  • You haven't learned at least a little bit of Italian
  • You are clueless to who Altair Lbn-La'Ahad is
  • You do not have a soft spot for a crossbow
  • You never contemplate climbing random things
  • You have a new found respect for hunters
  • When you hear the word templar you cringe with what could happen next
  • You don't feel when Christina died was one of the saddness moments in any game ever
  • You don't often wonder how it is that easy to pick pocket
  • You know sitting on a bench is the best way to escape people chasing you
  • You learned it is quite simple to pay a herald off and then pickpocket him to save your reputation
  • You don't know "Nothing is true, everything is permitted"
  • You don't know enough history to pass an entrance test about the crusades, Italy Renaissance, and the American Revolution

and finally
  • You do not know what this is called

There you have it this week's edition of fail hope you all enjoyed it.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Life Of Ezio - Black Clouds

Monday morning! Yes it is that time again, which I probably don't need to remind you. Also probably don't need to remind you that today is Machinima Monday. The day of the week where I post a machinima or an animation which I think all of you would enjoy. Now I don't normally post music type videos, but when I was putting Ask Gauss together I had a question asking if Ezio was a forced character. Now I tend to think Ezio is one of the best characters gaming has ever seen. He is up there with the best, and I don't really see how anyone can argue his character's epicness. So I decided to share a gem video one that I believe should have thousands of more views so maybe I can do my part in helping Ben Day  is achieving this. I give you The Life of Ezio - Black Clouds

Told you it was worth your time. Now your Monday is off to a great start!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ask Gauss

So here we are again on a wonderful Sunday morning, unless of course you are somewhere else in the world and I know there are quite a few of you. Well you will just have to pretend it is Sunday morning once again. As most if not all of you know Sunday means it is time for Ask Gauss, the post of the week where I answer questions sent to me throughout the week. If you have no0 idea how to send in your questions well it is on the top right of the page unless of course you are really that lazy and can just send them to So without making you wait any longer let's do this thing!

So according to Safiree you guys are playing Rift, what do you think?

Ya it went free to play not too long and figured we would check it out. And play it more than I did when i had access to beta. It is what it is a WoW clone. Hardcores will say otherwise but it is. Sure there are some differences, which makes it not the exact same game but it still is an MMO. I find myself just leveling and not really paying attention to the lore. The lore is one of my major draws of Warcraft because I grew up learning about Warcraft Lore. You knew the characters and when you met them in game it had this more of a OMFG its you really. Now I am sure if I paid attention to the lore in Rift there might be some of that, but there isn't for me at this time. Not saying the game isn't fun. Playing a healer who oddly enough cannot die and playing the game actually puts some of the specs of my computer to use, which is always good because you want to believe you paid for something. It is worth checking out if you have time.

What do you think of Hope being a kid again in the new Lightning Returns trailer?

I was not one of those peopel ho depised Hope when he was a child. I accepted him for what his character was a kid how watched his mother die because she was helping this random guy. He blamed Snow rightfully. He was a kid. Now I also think his development in part 2 was well done as well. Building on his character from the first. Now what I have scene of the trailer it is almost as if he is a fixture of the 2 characters. Which is a third part is something which should be the case. I didn't like at the end of 2 how they said they would be living in the future because to me it didn't fit should have went back to where everything began. SO this is my hope that some things will be cleared up and put back how they should be.

Didn't you feel like Ezio was a forced character in Assassin's Creed?

There you go this weeks questions all answered. Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kill. Die. Rez. Otherwise known as PVP!!

Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays

      Player VS. Player. In any game is a one of a kind experience. Pretty sure for gamers ganking someone for the first time releases a deadly neurotoxin in ones bloodstream and brands you for life. My first experience like most others took place in World of Warcraft. I started out on my own, failing terribly but didn't care. (insert joke about me still being terrible) Out of all of the battlegrounds the one I felt most effective in was Warsong Gulch.

    Over time I started stacking resilience, and then became awesome. Most female gamers play healers, and most stay away from the epic fighting but for some reason I felt more comfortable beating the Alliance to a bloody pulp. Back before pallies didn't have holy power I felt like I earned a lot of the damage was done with my rotation, and I earned every honor kill with practicing different RET PVP specs. Other times I just felt like some fights were unfair. Then Gauss and I started Arena. Completely different gameplay. 

    Actually had to use my abilities at the right moment and have almost perfect judgement on their use. We sucked very bad starting but overtime we got much better. Except against shadow priests lol. PVP in RIFT is very similar to World of Warcrafts. Battlegrounds are tons of fun UNLESS YOU ARE ON A TEAM IN AN "ARATHI BASIN" TYPE OF PLAY WHERE NOBODY COORDINATES WITH EACH OTHER ON CLAIMING AND DEFENDING! It's a little frustrating. Or when you're fighting to the death with someone and it's one on one and a friend of theirs joins the fight and tag team you. (Unless you embarrass them both and win, then it's glorious.) 

    Healers. They are always plentiful on the opposing side. Non-existent on yours. Makes me :) ... -_- RIFT has "the mercenary system" where your battleground ques are almost instant but you will almost always be on the same team as the opposing faction. Which is fine...if you're one of those people who don't mind. Playing Horde in WoW though made me extremely loyal as a faction member. So being a defiant in RIFT, gaming along side a guardian ticks me off probably more than it should. What can you do though. If you are interested in knowing more about Rift, the MMO went free to play and it isn't as bad as WoWs tradechat says it is ;) We play on "necropolis" as defiants if you guys want to play with us PM Safiree, or Gaussification for guild info. We are still leveling so now would be a great time to see if you like it too! Graphics are amazing, as well as the lore. Hope to see you soon! Have a good weekend!! :D

Friday, July 12, 2013

And Then Their Was You

So last week I shared an email I received from someone who reminded me of an angry seal screaming as loud as it possibly could. When I read the email it didn't offend me. I am used to getting hate mail. Truthfully they tend to be the most interesting pieces of mail I get. I often wonder if they have veins popping out of their heads or maybe they are screaming about gibberish about meatloaf. Who knows, but that is part of the fun in reading them. I didn't share it though and I did get quite a few emails telling me not to worry about it and such and such. I did get one that will see.


I just want to say you are awesome. I make sure I read your blog everyday and I find it hard to imagine people can take some of the things you say so serious. When you were gone I started to read a few other blogs and they really weren't the same. I think you would actually be inspired how many people try to write like you do. You know writing funny, informative, or sometimes even meaningless posts, and getting tons of views(I mean this with the utmost respect). The fact is with others it seems forced with you it comes naturally like you are having a conversation with me every time I read a post. I may not agree with everything you may say, but I respect your opinion, because you know about these things. You have played games at a top level, you have played for shits and giggles and you just play because it is fun. 

So don't worry, which I know you don't about what some people write. The fact that you posted it does make me sad because I know you would never post a nice letter or email you would get. Hell I doubt even if I asked you would even post this. Really though I just wanted to write you and tell you to keep doing what you are doing, because it really is something I look forward to reading everyday.

Thanks for reading,


Also I have been meaning to show you...

Well of course if you feel I won't do something I am going to do it. Even if you link me that stupid mount. Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't forgot to check out Safiree's post tomorrow!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Japan Expo Trailer

So this week at the Japan expo Square Enix released this

This game cannot come soon enough. I cannot believe I have to wait till February to get my hands on it. Especially seeing this. Noel fighting Lightning and Fang has returned? Like Fang? First off finding out what seems to be Snow as the main big baddie was a shock in itself. Seems they are bringing out all the stops. Even Hope is back to his young self and not his older I am smarter and better than everyone phase. What can I say I am excited. Don't know the last time I have been this excited for a Final Fantasy game. How about all of you?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Have A Dream

Morning everyone! When thinking about what I would write about today I was thinking I might as well do another list. Except this list is going to be a little different. It isn't just going to be my favourite speeches in video games. No it is going to be the best motivational speeches in games. It takes a special kind of speech and voice actor to pull it off. Make you want to stand with them this speeches do that and more. Agree or disagree tell me what you think.

5. Brothers. Sisters. The whole city rises against us while Yusuf's murderer waits and watches from the arsenal. Laughing. Fight with me, and show him what it means to cross the Assassins.
-Ezio Auditore da  Firenze
Assassin's Creed Revelations

This speech is short and follows Ezio giving Yusuf his last rights. You are crushed seeing Yusuf die defending what he believed in. You just want to get up and fight with Ezio. 

4.  But despite that she chose to live again... So she could be with you! I only ever knew the one Yeul. But that was enough. She was smiling when she died. She believed in the future. She knew we'd meet again. Think Caius, think. Was it really a curse. Was it forced on her by Etro?  Do you really think Yeul wanted to die, and not come back? Of course not. Yeul wanted to come back. Every time she died in your arms, she wanted to come back. She knew her life would be short. She knew! Because she wanted to see you! Again and again without end!
Final Fantasy  XIII-2

This speech makes you believe in everything you were fighting for the entire game. You had a purpose. You mattered. Despite what followed this speech it was still was heart felt and gave you everything it was supposed to. You can make a difference no matter how small it may seem.

3.   I hear you Tychus. But if I was bankin' everything on that, I'd be quit already. 'Cause here we are in the mouth of hell. And we made it this far, by leanin' on each other. That thing may be the key to stopping the Queen of Blades, but it's our sweat and blood that'll make it happen.  After everything we've been through, past all the fire and fury, the one thing I know, is that we can count on each get the job done. Or die trying. If that's what it takes, because some things are just worth fighting for.
-Jim Raynor
Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

This speech and this cutscene itself is one of my favourite in any game I have ever played, in addition to this being a tribute to Koiter. Raynor speaks in such a way that you want to sit and listen. You want to fight for him because what he says rings true. You are the good guys and I know some hate this moment becasue they say it seems forced, but it isn't. it is true they actually were in the mouth of hell. fought through everything which came at them. If you played the game on brutal difficulty it even feels exactly like that. It was hard to place this one at number 3, but  the next 2 are just on another level.

2. The Forsaken think we're weak, a broken people. They think we'll roll over like a scared dog... how wrong they are. We will fight them in the fields until the last trench collapses and the last cannon is silenced. We will fight them on the streets until the last shot is fired, and when there is no more ammunition, we'll crush their skulls with the stones that pave our city. We will fight them in the alleys until our knuckles are skinned and bloodied, and our rapiers lay on the ground, shattered. And if we find ourselves surrounded and disarmed, wounded and without hope; we will lift our heads in defiance and spit in their faces. But we will never surrender! FOR GILNEAS!

-Prince Liam Greymane
World of Warcraft

This moment in WoW could almost be a movie all in itself. It has that feel that epicness that you dream about. There are countless great speeches in WoW, but  none of them come close to this and I despise The Alliance. If you wanted to fight for Raynor you want to die for Liam he exemplifies what honor and patriotism is. He believes in his people and wants them to believe in themselves just as much as he does. If you don't get chills during this speech then I really don't know what to say.

and that leaves us with...

1. People... Twenty-two years ago. I stood where I stand now- and watched my loved ones die betrayed by those I had called my friends. Vengeance clouded my mind. It would have consumed me were it not for the wisdom of a few strangers , who taught me to look past my instincts. They preached  answers, but guided me to learn from myself. We don't need anyone to tell us what to do; not Savonarola, not the Medici. We are free to follow our own path. There are those who will take that freedom from us, and too many of you gladly give it  But it is our ability to choose whatever you think is true, that makes us human. There is no book or teacher  to give you the answers to show you the path. Choose your own way! Do not follow me, or anyone else.

Ezio Auditore da  Firenze
Assassin's Creed II

Now the reason this speech is beyond my favourite is that its context is not just game related. These are words to live by in any age and not just for the 1500s. Your freedom  is not something you should take for granted. It is something to be appreciated. Being a follower never taught anyone anything you have to be yourself and live your life your way and not the way someone else wants you to. I listen to this speech often just to remind myself of this.

There you have it my top 5 motivational speeches, hope you enjoyed agreed or disagree.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You Fail At Being A Gamer If...

Happy Fail Day Everyone! Oh yes it is that time of the week again. This week I am doing a fail day post that has been requested for I don't have any idea how long. I never did it because I thought there were just way too many options to put in. Well I finally made up my mind on which make the cut so here goes.

You Fail At Being A Gamer If...

  • The only games you have ever played are on the Xbox 360
  • You think you are the coolest person in the world because you own a microphone
  • You have ever said "come look at me sweet new gaming machine" then proceeded to show someone a Mac
  • You have no clue what Esports is
  • You don't often wonder if Bowser is sleeping with Princess Peach
  • You have never said anything bad about EA
  • The most epic game you ever played starts with an H and ends with an O
  • You believe playing Farmville everyday counts as being a gamer
  • You don't no what MMO, RPG, ARPG, RTS, TBS, or FPS stand for
  • Whenever you have cake you don't wonder if it is a lie
  • You settle for being second player
  • You are happy just to be playing and don't care if you win or lose
  • You are a girl who calls herself a nerd because she took a picture with a controller and has glasses on.
and finally
  • The only game you ever play is Call of Duty
There you have it. As always if you are offend I don't care. Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Voice Of Azeroth

Monday... Yes it is that time of the week once again. I am not going to talk about how much Monday's suck and how you just wish your weekend was just that little bit longer. To counteract this we have Machinima Monday. Where we showcase a machinima or animation throughout the gaming community which I think you all would enjoy. This week I decided to go with one from Nervous Orca. Now this machinima is from the montage type. A style which I am not normally a fan of, but this is extremely well down. It gets you pumped up to face Garrosh showing a series of characters and events which lead up to this point in the Lore. So sit back and enjoy


Hope you all enjoyed it. Hopefully your Monday sucks just a little less.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us once again. That day of the week when you are still happy it is the weekend, but then you realize most likely while eating your bacon and pancakes in the morning that the following day is Monday. So before you go down in a spiral of depression remember that Sunday also means it is time for Ask Gauss. The post of the week where I go through the questions sent to me throughout the week and answer a few of them. How do I send in such questions you ask? Well that is simple! There is a little button on the top right push it and you will find a variety of ways of getting a hold of me. So with that out of the way let's do this thing!

I was taking a look at the populations in your high population region. And I saw several cities over 700k. How did you do this?

Well without giving away all my secrets I can tell you a few things. With the way the buildings are designed you will need to square off your cities so that there is as little wasted space as possible. This isn't to say you need to have a grid city. As seen if you look at my cities I have many arc road cities. The most important thing isn't that there is the most houses possible it is that every section of your city can expand to high density. Sure this will make your city grow much smaller at the start because it will have a lot of wasted space when everyone is in their trailers. What you will realize is in all of my max population cities there is no wasted space between any skyscrapers. Also one important this if you are going for max population you cannot have buildings that take up excess space. Recycling centres, trade depots, theme park, or any mining or oil operation. This means your ability to make income can be hindered if you try to expand things too fast so be careful.

I have seen some of your Soul Calibur V creations. Any tips on how you get them so accurate?

Actually it is pretty simple. I tend to have a picture of the character and go piece by piece until it looks right. Some of them took hours to make especially the Vivi and Brox creations. I am assuming these 2 are the ones you saw since they are on the high rated lists. Other trick is if something is not available improvise. For example, Vivi is actually in a mummy suit which I detailed black in order to make him appear as a black shade. Also his eyes are actually apples which I dyed the yellow colour and pushed them into the head so you could not tell they were actually apples. Things like that are the final touches you need to make things look as they need to.

So is WoW dying?

Well according to this weather report I am pretty sure Blizzard Headquarters burned down in Irvine.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Gauss & Safiree
Mostly Epic Saturdays

 Hello Everyone! Was nice hearing from old WOW friends about last Saturday.
Since then Gauss and I have been very busy playing RIFT, And believe it when I say it really isn't as awful as many WOW vets say it is. Personally I think some of the micro transaction is a bit overboard, and they find creative ways to put it throughout the game, but overall so far it's pretty amazing. So far the LORE is interesting, the graphics aren't at all disappointing. The amount of options as far as how you prefer to play your class are in copious amounts. Some things aren't near as amazing as World of Warcraft, but for a free to play game you can't argue game experience. (All my opinions) 

Gauss believe it or not plays a healer (cleric). And he is damn good at it too. He follows me around and no matter how hard I get hit he is limitless. He can also hit hard. Now I play a rogue the bomb spec, can't think of what they call it off the top of my head but when we duel I cannot kill him. It's ridiculously not funny at all how annoying it is to lose to him. He is beyond competitive, and enjoys making me feel like an idiot noob. For example in the beginning of our RIFT adventure we picked professions, and we agreed while playing we wouldn't bother with the dailies or quests they offer, and we get into instant adventures which are basically like mass group quests, and he tells me "why aren't you mining?" 

Other than RIFT we've been waiting for MaximusBlack  to finish playing The Last of Us, and post his play through onto twitch. He and NovaWar commentate Starcraft games from average, to above average players. Very comical outlook on peoples mistakes. He finally posted it and it's hilarious. Worth our wait.

Off topic I have to say last weeks Dexter was amazing and cannot wait for the next episode. I'm a huge fan :). Also the picture up above is another of us being useless. 10pts to who can say where it was taken in WOW. Hope you guys are enjoying the holiday weekend. I almost blew myself up with a firecracker. I went to throw it in the air and of course it had to bounce off the roof and land on my shoulder -_- 
- Safiree

Friday, July 5, 2013

Well That Was Aggresive

So I haven't been back blogging for long, but for the most part I have been well received from everyone. I have been getting comments and emails saying how people love starting their day with a post of mine. How I can make them laugh, inform them, or make them scratch there heads. Sometimes though I get emails that some may take offence to. Myself on the other hand, well I enjoy when I can completely enrage people. So for your own enjoyment I give you this wonderful email.

I will start this off by saying I was recommended your blog by a friend of mine. They normally have pretty good taste, but I am at a loss for words at what to say about your blog. You seem to find joy in putting down others and play it down like it is a joke. Do you realize that that some people try their hardest and cannot do things? DO you realize you are finding joy in hurting these people's feelings. This is what is known as narcissistic behavior, and it is all a joke to you.

Also the opinons you do have have no basis. Do you play these games at all, because I highly doubt it. Why should anyone in their right mind listen to anything you have to say? You are just some punk who gets off by putting people down so you can feel you are better than everyone else. The saddest part is this is all a joke to you. You are what is wrong with society, and I am actually physically ill knowing one of my good friends enjoys reading this joke of a blog.

Well that was aggressive....

What did I think about after I read this. Well this came to mind.

Have a good weekend. Also don't forget to check out Safiree's post tomorrow I know it will be a great one.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cloud's Return?

No sadly it is not a remake of Final Fantasy 7. Now this is a preorder special by Square Enix. Official release as follows

When you preorder LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII, you will receive the exclusive Cloud Strife SOLDIER 1st Class DLC straight from FINAL FANTASY VII for FREE! This epic throwback pack includes the iconic SOLDIER 1st Class Uniform, Buster Sword, Soldier Band and finishing animation.

Getting excited yet? We’ve put together a short gameplay trailer that shows off the DLC set and how it helps Lightning get to level 99 quicker. Did you catch that last bit? The victory fanfare comes with the Cloud Strife SOLDIER 1st Class DLC pack as well when preordering LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII!

So what do you think?

I think this is a pretty amazing preorder bonus. It is a game that has defined gaming for many years and giving some of the old time fans this Easter Egg is pretty sweet if you ask me. Now I know there has been posts after posts of people complaining that the history of this sword represents so much more than just a sword. Anyone who knows anything about the sword knows the promise it represents. I one of biggest Final Fantasy fans you will find do not see this as a spiting in the face of Cloud and Zack as some see it. That is stretching. Take this for what it is. A gesture to all Final Fantasy fans that should be appreciated.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Death's We Remember

Ever since I posted the Voice Acting post I have been getting a bunch of emails asking me about the other death scenes in games, which have been memorable to me. Now that scene with Ezio and Christina may not seem like anything to those who had not played the Assassin's Creed games, but it was the unexpected nature and along with it being cruel how through everything was finally settled he had to watch her die in his arms.

Deaths in games come in a variety of ways, and  they always happen to be the very things that we remember. They are one of the first things you mention when you talk about a game with someone. Years and years down the road the music itself can make you relive the moment again and again. So excluding the death of Christina in Assassin's Creed here are my top 5 death scenes. Also goes without saying but this post contains spoilers.

5. Jason's Death in Heavy Rain

Throughout the entire ordeal of looking for your son in the mall it is almost implying he has been kidnapped. The camera work in this game shows this beautifully. Even to the point where the commands are larger in size to make you feel engaged into the situation. Then comes the moment you found him and all should be well but...he runs across the street. Even there for that split second when you dive in front of the car and you think you saved him....but then the screaming and the tears followed by that damn  balloon floating into the air.

4. Sarah's Death in The Last Of Us

I would go far as to say this could very well be the best opening sequence to any game I have ever played. You feel for this little girl more then you ever thought you could for a character in a video game. Especially when Joel says "Don't do this to me baby". Now yes this is designed to get you involved into the game, but it shows you the very pain Joel has to lived with for the rest of his life.

3. Lee's Death in The Walking Dead

You play this entire game helping this little girl who you found in her house. You protected her, you saved her, and you taught her how to be safe. But her final lesson may have been the hardest. She shot him to prevent him from turning.


2. Tassadar's Death in Starcraft

There are few moments in gaming when the death of a main character can lead to something better. Tassadar sacraficed himself so everyone else could survive. A moment any Starcraft fan knows and will always remember. EN TARO TASSADAR

1. Aeris Death in Final Fantasy VII

There is probably no other moment in gaming which is looked at as often as this one. Final Fantasy lovers and haters recognize this moment as scripted to the point of perfection. See it isn't just the moment where Sephiroth's sword goes through Aeris it isn't even the moment when the heart is beating. It is when the materia hits the ground and the music starts playing. It is done brillantly. The music keeps playing and you are left with just Cloud's pain. You could play that music and anyone who has played FF7 will tell you all about "their first time"

There you have it. The death's I will never soon forget.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You Fail At Starcraft If...

Fail Day! Yes it is that time of the week once again. Time for us to feel better about ourselves while simultaneously making someone else feel worse. It is beautiful isn't it? When I was deciding what to do for Fail Day this week I was reading through some emails when I get one with the simple sentence "yo gauss why do you never do a fail day on sc2?" Well Orden, I have no idea, and we really should do that shouldn't we? So here we go.

You Fail At Starcraft If...

  • You never rally your workers to the mineral line
  • You don't often wonder why all Terran's are hillbillies
  • You build senor towers for detection
  • Anytime you lose the other race is overpowered even if it was a mirror matchup
  • You are proud of being rank 1 bronze
  • You have no idea who or what Carbot animations is
  • You have never watched When/Will Cheese Fails
  • You don't know what cheese means
  • You Cannon Rush a Zerg
  • You thought a Nydus Network was refering to your internet connection
  • You build Void Rays against Marines
  • Your heart doesn't stop when you hear "Nuclear Launch Detected"
  • You ain't got time for mules
  • Spreading creep is for baddies
and finally
  • You have no idea who this is

There you go Orden you can now tell your friends "yo bitch I so told Gauss what to do for fail day and he did that shit cause I say so, what you got to say about that?" Or something like that. Enjoy your day everyone