Thursday, September 30, 2010

Motivational Speech

As many of you know I am a fan of the speeches and all the quotes throughout this game. I really think they make this game even better, and for those that play without sound you really are missing out on a fantastic part of this game. As many of you should know I do For The Horde runs all the time on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I don't restrict these to anyone regardless of level or anything else stops people from getting into raids. Anyone who has ever been on a run with me knows that I make it fun and joke around quite a bit, most of the time at the expense of others. So what does this have to do with anything? Well, it is simple. Someone asked me why I don't give a motivational speech before hand to get people fired and going ready to go for the run. So I wrote one, added in some RP and some trademark Gauss. Tell me what you think.

Sons and Daughters of the Horde, I am here today High Warlord Gauss, of the Horde to lead you to slay the leaders of the Alliance, because for some reason they are alive again even if we killed them last week. We shall do this and be rewarded by our Warchief for our undeniable loyalty to the Horde. We will prevail! We will prevail despite the fact many of you will die in fires, we will prevail regardless of many of your inabilities to follow simple instructions, we will prevail even if many of you will require 10 summons to keep up, we will prevail even if many of you are here to be cannon fodder, we will prevail even if many of you will have trouble not falling off a boat, we will prevail regardless of the fact that you don't have a flight path, we will prevail regardless of your computers inability to stay connected, we will prevail without many of you understanding the concept of line of sight, and finally we will prevail even if many you have to leave because your mother is mad at you. So unsheathe your weapons and charge LOK'TAR OGAR FOR THE HORDE!!!!

Hmmm maybe I should macro that

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So I haven't done a lot of machinima posts lately and people have been asking for them and the reason is pretty simple. Some of the best machinamators have been sending in their submissions to Blizzcon so they have been unable to release them to the public. With this in mind there is one machinamator I want to tell you all about today, and he is Melvenor. He does all of his machinama about Role playing and Lore calling himself "the conjurer or RP machinima". He just started a new series, which he calls "the Faces of Cataclysm" here is the most recent of the videos

Basically these are stories about what is happening in Cataclysm. Where everyone is going, what side everyone is on, and what the plan is. I recommend checking them out as they are very informative for those of us that know our lore and those of us that haven't got a clue. I greatly suggest you look at his video about Quel'Delar, which in my opinion is the best of all of his videos.

Now I know what you are thinking, he role plays as a blood elf. Yes, I know he does, but I was able to get past that. So check him out tell me what you think.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Fail At Being A Pally If...

So for a long time people have requested me to do Fail Days on specific classes and I have said to them over and over again that this wasn't the time. Now with this being the end of the expansion though it is a great time to do it since people are deciding if they should reroll and, of course, they want to see what is up with their class. So now will be the time to sit back and laugh at all the other classes and say "omfg that is so me". When deciding which class to start with I thought I would go with the most fail class of the them all. So shall we?

You Fail At Being A Pally If...
  • You think it requires skill
  • You have a "J" stuck to your forehead
  • You constantly breaking CC with your consecrate
  • You don't play with a helmet
  • You are a blood elf male
  • Your ability to play the game is not hindered by your keyboard turned upside down
  • You spam flash heal
  • You don't have Pally Power
  • You named your toon after your ability to bubble hearth
  • You have trouble holding aggro
  • You were unaware of the fact that you have forms of CC
  • You don't write 20 page forum posts on a daily basis complaining how pallies need to be buffed
  • You think mass dispel is the most overpowered thing because you can't bubble and hearth
  • You think when you have to press more than 2 buttons that Blizzard had to have made a mistake
  • You have ever died by falling

and finally

  • You think it is time to change classes because Blizzard has stated they no longer want your class to be able to faceroll

That is it for this week hope you enjoyed it. Remember it will only be a matter before I do your class and let you have it. Reset is upon us enjoy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ode To A Headset

So I know this will be a post that will be close to a lot of people, and just understanding what I am talking about will actually be rather amusing. So apparently the mic stopped working on my headset yesterday. The earphones work perfectly, which makes it even more frustrating. So now I have go through the whole rigmarole of going to pick up a new headset, but anyone who has gotten a new headset will have to realize the problems, which are going to occur.

I had that headset for almost a year meaning it was shaped nicely and comfortable to my head. A new headset is like a pair of pants you just took out of the dryer they just don't fit like you want them to. You fiddle with the headset try to stretch it mess around with it, but you realize you will just have to put up with it to make it work.

Secondly, you then have to go through the whole process of resetting your values of your inbound and outbound. That is also not just you but everyone else who listens to you on vent. So the whole "Can you hear me?", "OMFG way too loud", "I can't hear you, you're to quiet", "Is this good now?". Oh yes we all love these 10 minute plus conversations where nothing really gets done besides you wanting to smash your new headset and beg your old one to work again.

If you buy USB headsets like I do then you know they also have driver updates and all that crap to go through. I swear my headset drivers update more frequently than my graphics card. So you have to go through all that jazz. Of course many times you don't remember to update them until after you have adjusted all your volume settings, which means you get the joy of doing all that wonderful stuff again.

So I will miss you my dear Headset even if in frustration I chucked you against the wall it doesn't mean that I didn't love you.

Good Luck on your last day before reset.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday everyone, the first Sunday of the fall season. Makes me feel like I should take a Sunday drive and take a look at all the leaves outside. Although since it is pouring outside that is probably not the best idea. Anyways, with it being Sunday that means it is time for Ask Gauss. The time of the week where I go through and answer some questions that have come my way for the week. So here goes.

With Wrath coming to an end, when is it a good time to dump everything on the Auction House?

Well I completely agree with Macro over at Just My Two Copper who says now is not the time. There are many people dumping everything they have on the AH because they don't want to be stuck with it. You can make great profits by buying a lot of these things up and can also make a lot of gold because people have stop posting things on the auction house in general. So this is a great time to take advantage of this. One thing to note is that certain items have been past expiry for awhile. Depending on the server, but I would think on most, ICC BoE epics have dropped like a rock in price. Either people have them , don't need them, or the gold is better spent somewhere else at the moment.

Also note that some items will have a higher value when the expansion actually hits so purging supply of them wouldn't be the best option. Remember leveling mats used for professions have a large value the first month or so of an expansion. Why? Because people switch professions constantly or are leveling them like mad in order to have toons with all required professions. Not to mention the inscription craze that will happen when 4.0 hits. There will be an insane amount of gold to be made when all those glyphs become available. So resist the urge for the time being it will be worth it in the end.

Your thoughts on the Worgen "mount"?

Well I played original WoW beta. I know it is hard to believe I actually got into that one. At that time Tauren had Plainstriding. I thought it was rather amusing, but the talk was that it was going to be hard to balance, which is weird because of cast times. Logically it makes sense for Worgens to be able to run as a wolf, but to me that is not the real reason they have this as their "mount". If they had a race mount what would it be? Horse is taken they can't really replicate that would be unfair. You could argue a Mastief, but then it doesn't really fit well at all. So really this came down to a choice of their being no real choice. What sucks though is that the other Alliance races don't get a chance to gain this mount as the Horde will with Goblins. This also makes me think there will not be an increase on the 100 mount achievement, since it would be unfair comparing available mounts to the Horde and Alliance.

What do you think about the constant Ret Pally complaining going on about them being underpowered for 4.0 and the expansion?

Don't ret pallies always complaing they are underpowered? Honestly I would be more concerned if no pally was complaining.

That is it for this week. As always if you want your question answered, it cannot be done if I don't get it. Next week's Reader Post will be about the best stories you have for people complaining about loot. You will have till Thursday night to get those submissions in. I just have a feeling it will be quite an amusing post.

Enjoy your Sunday and your slaying of internet pixels.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why I Should Be Warchief

So a friend of mine is running for a political position and I have been helping him with his campaign. Yesterday, he had to answer a bunch of questions for the media when I got this idea for a post. So think of it as Garrosh having a news conference and he will answer these questions.

Why do you feel people should follow you as Warchief?

Because my father is a great war hero of the Horde. They should give me the respect he has earned.

What is your opinion of Night Elves?

Kill them.

What makes you different from others?

I am a brown orc.

How do you propose to deal with the current situation on Azeroth?

Start a war with everyone that I can't possibly win and then blame it on someone else when it fails.

Why did you waste all the materials on these structures when they are now less abundant?

What does abundant mean?

Why did you attack a neutral faction and make them an enemy?

I heard Varian told them I was dog

When Thrall returns what is your plan?

To blame everything that went wrong on Vol'jin.

That is it for today enjoy what is left of your weekend.

Friday, September 24, 2010

GM Stories

It is Friday which means it is time for the weekly Reader Post. This is the post where I take all of your submissions on the topic and pick a few of them to put up for everyone to see. This week I asked people to submit their stories about funny GM encounters. So let's have a look.

Basically I made a ticket when vanish failed and demanded I get reimbursed a flash powder or the cost of one. After he said he couldn't do it I just kinda screwed with him. Luckily he was pretty funny. This was his last comment before it ended. "Well, I thank you for your time sneaky rogue =) May your poisons act swift your blades always hit their mark, and your vanish never fail(and happy birthday!)"

I had one pretty funny experience with a GM. My bro and I were leveling up and we had that elite bird in Nagrand bugged. Anywho, my bro petitioned and the GM finally came but I couldn't see her. We had a full group sitting there just talking, we were guildies so it was no biggie. The GM unbugged the damn bird then turned all of us into Female Ninjas, even my bro's pet. Was pretty epic riding around as Female Ninjas. The GM followed us around for about 5 - 10 min because we had a Durid in our party and when he shifted it broke it, so the GM just continued to change him back. Was fun, nothing too funny.

I've seen a screenshot of someone elses GM chat...went something like this
GM: *Anything else I can for you routine*
Person: I just have one last question, what happens when the unstoppable force, and the immovable object collide?
GM: Chuck Norris dies.

Back when Molten Core was still new a bunch of us (alliance side) were sitting in MC recovering after a wipe. Our MT (Human Warrior) opened a ticket stating that "The existence of Night Elves in the game is a bug and it needs to be corrected." Unfortunately the GM didn't see the humor and offered the response of "Opening unsubstantiated tickets is a bannable offense."

That is it for this week. As always the topic for next week's Reader Post will be revealed on Sunday during the Ask Gauss post. If you want to be part of next week's post be sure to get them in on time and go from there.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heroics On The Beta

So heroics today were released on the Beta. I don't know this because I have a beta key, I know this because many have told me. This also includes Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep, which apparently have been pretty near impossible. Even have heard some stories of GMs having to come and help people kill bosses and trash so proper testing could be done. This to me means that heroics once again are not going to be a joke, which in my opinion is a good thing. You see in Wrath people hardly ever did instances on normal unless they were leveling. You hit 80 then you could do heroics without even thinking. Blizzard is bringing back what a heroic was supposed to be, that being a challenge and something significantly more difficult then normal. In Wrath they did this in raids, but not even close in 5 man instances.

So what does this mean? Well it will cut down on the amount of badge farming which will be turning into point farming. Obviously heroics will still get easier as the expansion moves on, but not so much to the point they are now, where you can just ignore all aspects of the encounter and just nuke everything. Plenty of crowd control is going to be needed so the days of group up and AoE seem to finally be behind us. Good job on Blizzard's part for making us use abilities that we actually might not be aware are in our spell books. I think this will also make the progression to raiding to be much smoother also. What I have found in Wrath has been people get through heroics even if they are biggest moron to ever log into World of Warcraft and then pass themselves off as a not so bad player when applying to a raiding guild. With heroics being more difficult this type of player isn't going to be around as much, which is a plus for everyone in raiding circles.

That is it for today. If you are on the Beta and want to send me movies and screens of the heroic modes feel free to I would love to take a look at them. Remember tonight is your last chance to get in your GM stories for tomorrow's reader post.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gauss Whisperer

So I probably get whispered more than most people. I actually have a mod that sorts whispers based upon if they are in guild, on my friends list, Real ID, or their respective level. I also have this thing with not ignoring people. I always give people the chance to say what they have to say. If I don't agree with it then that is life. This includes even those farmers talking to me like they are my bud then try to sell me gold. You would be surprised how fun these people are to talk to. So without awaiting any longer I have decided to define some types of the people that whisper me.

The Clueless: This is the type of person that whispers me right when I log on no matter what time or day of the week and ask me if I am doing invites for For The Horde. These are also the people who whisper me what "that" is when I put Pi up in trade chat. The cake is when these people ask you to tank the weekly when you are in ICC. These are the people that cause you to fear for the future existence of the world.

The Follower: These are the people that whisper you in the city and follow you around while they are talking to you. It is as if these people have the need to be right beside you while the whisper is going on. This is not only pointless, but is rather creepy and makes me want to distance myself from you in the quickest way possible.

The Oops: These are the people that "accidentally" invite you instead of inspect you. They then whisper you sorry and then begin talking to you and explaining their life story. The proceed to have a story about every piece of gear they have or need and relate it to every piece of yours. These are the people that I wouldn't be surprised to hear they shot up a shopping mall because someone reminded them of that Boomkin that took his cloth boots.

The Fanboy: These are the people that whisper me and ask "are you really Gauss?" I always try to think of interesting ways to answer this question. I don't know what gave it away besides the fact that you had to type /w Gauss. They proceed to tell me about all the things they think I do which they think is awesome, which is great, but I really can't get passed the fact they asked if I was really Gauss.

The Long Lost: These conversations always start with "Do you remember me?" Now I have come into a lot of contact with people over the years and I can't be expected to remember everyone. Now I obviously don't want to make people feel like crap if I don't remember them. Well that is not always true. If I had a bad day just hope you are not one of these people. So I try in most cases to get them to carry the conversation to see if I can actually jog something. Now when it gets to something like "I did the daily with you once", "Or this one time you did FTH", "I came to an old school run with you", "You laughed at me for being a noob". These are the times I honestly think how am I supposed to be expected to remember you. These are the people are mislead by the world revolving around something that is not them.

The WTFer: These are the people that whisper me instantly after I say something which they cannot believe I have said. They go on to say "I can't say that" and go on and on about how they are going to report me and make sure I get banned. These people are the people that complain they are offended by calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree.

The Cheerleader: These are the people that applaud or cheer me on to keep going when I am on a roll. These are the people that are most likely members of the Nation and want to see the gold keep flowing and wouldn't be hear without them.

That is it for today and summer is just about officially over so maybe that will bring you some luck in your raids tonight.

Monday, September 20, 2010

You Fail At Brewfest If...

How could this not be the Fail Day post for the day? Brewfest is the awesome of the awesome so failing at it must be against some sort of religion. So without waiting any longer the cult of Brewfesters can set a flame to all the failures

You Fail At Brewfest If...
  • You have died more than 5 times trying to get the falling drunk achievement
  • You don't have a mutant rabbit reindeer pet
  • You cannot catch some pink elephants
  • You don't enjoy the music outside the cities
  • You click the mole machine and complain you ended up in BRD
  • Your ram keeps getting exhausted during the barrel runs
  • You ever say "What do the apples do for the rams?"
  • Your screen is ever in focus
  • You cannot defend from the dark iron dwarves
  • You wipe on Direbrew
  • You are not a member of the Brew of the Month club
  • You don't have full getup and flaunt it
  • You have never participated in a mug duel
  • You think Brewfest should be banned because it promotes public drunkeness

and finally

  • You don't participate in all that is awesome

That is it for this week's edition on fail. Enjoy all that Brewfest has to offer and celebrate it like a champ. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday

Brewfest Is Here!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is that time of year. Brewfest is by far my favourite WoW holiday. From watching people fail at ram racing to throwing mugs at dark iron dwarves in a drunken rage there really is nothing to not love about Brewfest. I spend all my time on WoW besides raiding in my Brewfest gear. I still have all the mugs even with my dwindeling bank space. There is just so much to do and so little time to enjoy it. Here is a screenshot someone took of me last year.

So I tell you all get out there ride those rams, drink those drinks, dress like a fool, and port random people to BRD, slay pink elephants, and listen to the crazy drunken music outiside the cities for the greatest of the WoW holidays is upon us.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday everyone on this the last weekend of summer, at least in this hemisphere. Sunday as every other Sunday means it is time for Ask Gauss. The time where I go through all the questions sent in for the week and pick a couple to answer. So let's see what we have this week?

On the PTR my DPS is more than it is with full raid buffs on the target dummies. Do you think this will make raiding a joke after 4.0?

Well Blizzard states before every one of these pre expansion patches that classes are now balanced for the next level cap. In addition not much raiding will actually probably happen after 4.0. Yes there will be some, but not nearly as much. People will be getting used to the new talents, to the new style of their class and, of course, getting psyched and pumped up for the new expansion. So all of the people worried about those getting gear or achievements that they didn't get prior it doesn't really mean anything. The gear will be replaced soon enough come the expansion, and the achievements have a date. Meaning everyone will know that it would have been done after 4.0 went live and not before.

Will you still be doing FTH during Cataclysm?

Of course. Sure the raids will be different with flying mounts, but they will still be going on. There is supposed to be a different way about doing it come Cataclysm. As you get the achievement for assualting the city and not just killing the leaders. Or maybe it is both. After the leveling process is done for the most part is when I will start them up again. The last thing people want to be while leveling is get taken away from it and set them back from that next ding. So to all of you that were scared they were going to stop don't be, they will be going for a long time.

Why Cashews and Dr Pepper?

Why not? They both are awesome.

That is it for this week, as always if you would like a question answered on here just send them along to have a shot at it being here. The topic for next Friday's Reader post is those GM ticket stories that you just can't stop telling other people about.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good For Some Laughs

I figured I would share these with everyone because they made me laugh, and who doesn't need a good laugh on a Saturday? Thank you to all the people that sent me these I enjoy them no matter how many times they are sent my way.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope the weather by you is better than what it is around here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Guild Invite and Quiting Stories

Friday it is and time for this week's Reader's Post. This week I asked people to send in some stories of interesting guild invite/quit stories. Let's take a look at a few of them.

We invited this new priest to the guild and went into naxx. Our raiding schedule is till 23.30-00.00 ish. We cleared the 4 wings, and thought we'd take a poke at sapphiron, and call it after that (this was at 00:13) Unfortunately, this priest had to go at 00.00 sharp, and when we proceeded on Sapph, he left the guild saying "I cannot be in a guild that clears stuff after raid is scheduled to be over".

In the first year of SD's existence, we had a kid who was always bouncing off the walls, so to speak. He loved PvP but was a really lousy hunter. Even though he was often a nuisance, I took him under my wing and taught him to be better, referred him to web sites for gear info and hunter goodness. But he was still a nuisance. He thought any chat was his personal soap box and constantly talked. He would log onto Vent and we'd have to tell him to "Shut up" when giving boss strategies because he was always talking. Finally, I had a near mutiny on my hands when we were learning Molten Core. He was pulling stuff and talking over the raid leader. He couldn't just stop and listen. Of course, he would die, a lot, and then blame the healers. I had a talk with him and he said we were just too slow for him. He agreed. He then gave a 25 minute 'goodbye'. He went down the roster, which, mercifully, wasn't as big as it is now, and said something nice about every single toon in the guild. He talked about how much SD meant to him. He talked about his ADD and how it affected his life. He talked about WOW. He talked and he talked and he talked. Suggestions to just leave already were either ignored or missed. When he finally quit, people actually typed :::Cheer::: in chat.

Me: ??
Him: u wanna join my guild?
Me: I'm a bank alt...
Him: yeah i know, you could be our guild bank alt
Me: Sorry, I'm already someone else's bank alt
Him: oh ok

In one of my first guilds we had a couple both playing wow. They are very hardcore compared to the rest of us. The wife was really not friendly and left the guild. the man stayed in it, to help the guild become better. His wife kept complaining and at the end he left the guild saying: I am sorry guys, but not being in my wifes guild makes her annoyed all the time, and im sick of eating burned food when i have to cook for myself.

When I first started this character I was in Stormwind and I was /w asking if I wanted to join a guild with all the players my lever to do instances.Chatted with the guy for a bit and he seemed mature so I thought what the hell and joined.
This is a brief extract from the guild chat:
Drutoo joined the guild
Random member 1: I lk boobies to
Random member 2: yea boobies lol
guild leader: lets go and moon people in storm
Drutoo leaves the guild
I lasted about 10 seconds :)

This actually happened
XXX: Sorry guys, I've got cancer.
XXX has left the guild.
XXX removed from friends list because character no longer exists.

A: Hey Guys, whats the command for leaving guild? I forgot.
B has left the guild
C has left the guild
D: ./gquit
Rest of Guild: ... , LOL!
This all happened in a matter of about 1-2 seconds.

-A has joined the guild-
B: Hey
C: welcome
A: can i get guild bank access please
GM: why?
A: i need something
A: please
GM: what?
B: :/
A: please
A: something
-A has been removed from the guild-
C: But he needed something :(

Me: >comes online< Hi XXX.
XXX: hi.
Me: What're you up to then? :)
-no response for about 6 minutes, and I notice he's in a hc and figure he must be concentrating on that-
XXX: wtf
Me: What happened?
XXX: you know what happened.
Me: ... I do?
XXX: yeah where are your manners you didnt even say hi wtf?
Me: I did say hi, scroll up. You even replied so you must have seen it! :P
XXX: w/e that doesnt prove anything no wonder there are no other members online you are such a jerk (well, he said something else but means a similar thing).
Me: Um, it's really early. You can't expect other people to be online at this time. Especially if they're an hour behind or something.
XXX: w/e
-more silence-
XXX: omg! take a hint!! i ask you to say hi and even after i complain you do NOTHING wtf is your prob!
Me: Hi XXX!!!
XXX: wtf dont make fun of me! this guild sucks there are no members and you are all very very RUDE!
-XXX has left the guild-

That is it for this week hope you enjoyed them. As always nexts week's Reader Post topic will be given on Sunday during the Ask Gauss post. This is of course if I remember to post it.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Server Fail

I don't know about the non-Llaners among the Nation, and what happened on your servers, but Llane last night took a dump in the middle of our raid. So much so that I had to go ahead and cancel the raid. I also didn't actually hear when the servers themselves came back online, but I do know that it was all of the Chicago data centre servers which were all that were effected or blown up, whichever you prefer.

Raid was canceled without issues, which is probably due to it being the end of an expansion. Many are nearing that point where I don't want to do anything besides raid, and maybe not even into that much anyway at the current moment. This got me thinking and asking the question, isn't this a great time to have a data centre failure? People will be less inclined to complain, demand refunds, or go crazy and threaten to murder their neighbours if the servers don't come back online within the next 10 minutes.

Now I am in no way saying some of this didn't go on, because it probably did, but I can only assume it was much less than normal. So let's think for a moment, I know for some of you this will be hard, but stay with me. If you were going to do some last minute maintenance or something of that nature without saying anything wouldn't now be the perfect time to do such a thing? Now I am not accusing anyone of anything, but it does seem quite possible doesn't it?

Let the conspiracy begin...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Countdown Is On

So as many of you know 4.0 is on the PTR. Now all that is active on this is the talent trees, new glyphs, stat changes, and a few other minor tweaks. The graphical changes are not there, the new changed zones are not there, the new zones are not there, Goblins and Worgens are not there, and a bunch of other things to do with Cataclysm are not there. Now what does this mean? Well it means 4.0 is coming and Cataclysm is closer than a lot of people expected. There is a rumor going around that it could be out as soon as November 2nd to me this does seem a little soon since Blizzcon begins on the 22nd and I would think they would probably officially announce the release date there.

Now regardless with 4.0 on the PTR this should be a big wake up call to people to really finish anything that they are wanting to do that will be leaving the game. This includes things such as ZG, quests in forever changed zones, troll and gnome events, Loremaster, exploration, and so much more that I cannot think of at the moment. This also means, raiding wise, this will be your last chance to kill bosses and such before 4.0 hits when everyone will be wanting to do something other than raiding. For the PvPers this will probably also be the end of the last arena season before Cataclysm. I guess this would be the time that everyone will start to practice their rated BG strategies.

So pretty much the final warning is upon us and everyone can get psyched up for Cataclysm, which means I will be without a beta invite for yet another expansion, thanks blizz.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Fail At Trying To Be Like Gauss If...

Happy Fail Day everyone. Today I have decided to do this topic to not only show some quirks and such that I do, but then some obvious points everyone is used to from the typical Fail Day. So without making you wait any longer here it goes

You Fail At Trying To Be Like Gauss If...
  • You take your time on distributing loot so that trash is done by the time you are done
  • Dr. Pepper and Cashews are things you can't raid without
  • You try to turn any comment into something which is an insult to Ret Pallies
  • You use STDs as an explanation of a reason not to stand next to people in raids
  • Your push to talk sticks and everyone can hear you smashing it so that it won't
  • You say something at least once a raid that no one will ever let you forget
  • You constantly complain about a lack of beta invite
  • You spam Pi in trade chat
  • You are a warrior with a Holy Set
  • You try to successfully convince Hordies they can learn to speak common
  • You are seen next to a mailbox so often it is known as your mailbox
  • You have a pull macro that makes reference to a funny youtube video
  • You have a way of bringing out the "good" in any player no matter how idiotic they may be
  • When you do your random heroic it is your goal to make at least 2 of the people in the group quit

and finally

  • You forget to switch it to heroic at least once a week

That is it for this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoyed it. Good luck on this Free Loot Tuesday as there will not be many left in Wrath.

Monday, September 13, 2010

One Special Pally

Ok so I lot of people randomly whisper me and want to talk about pretty much anything wow related or not. Now sometimes I am able to respond and sometimes I am busy with other things. Now if I am busy sometimes I am able to say something and sometimes I don't get the chance, and people just try again later. Now this seems like the normal reaction, as you would expect as do I or any other normal person would. Now, of course, some people go berserk on you when you don't respond, but you cannot help that. This one ret pally though is very special. As I will explain.

So he talks to me randomly and, of course, I cannot always respond so what does this guy do? Well he goes on the conversation as if I am talking to him. He will answer his own questions, comment on the fact that he understands why it takes time for me to respond. Sometimes I am even in the midst of typing something to him when he has already responded to himself and asked a new question, to which 30seconds later he responds to. I can basically say nothing for 30 minutes and he will go about his merry way and still be talking about anything and everything. The question is does he realize that he is doing it or not? Now I have never tried to mention that I haven't said a word to him and yet if I did would he just ignore it and go on about what he was talking about anyway? It is like being in the middle of a play when a soliloquy is going on. He just keeps going and everyone else is doing their own thing and he seems to have no clue what is going on. Except what is going on in his little bubble. How fititng that he is a pally...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday it is, which means it is time for Ask Gauss. This has been quite a week or shall I say weekend WoW wise. I guess many of you can tell that based upon yesterday's posting. I will try not to let all of this effect me too much, but it does make for some great blog topics and posts. So now as is custom with Ask Gauss I will look through my list here and make a choice on which to answer.

Do you consider yourself a top player?

I found this question rather interesting. Why? Mostly because people are not going to say they are a bad player. Or if they do, that is beyond a little weird, and most likely play a warlock and hate life. Anyways, I believe I play and know my class very well. This doesn't just include standing in place and mindlessly mashing my rotation, because anyone can really do that. I also know I could get higher numbers on boss fights based on the fact that all of the things I do at the moment. I raid lead so I have to watch exactly what is going on. I have to give queues to dps, healers, tanks etc. This of course hurts my own personal numbers. I also tend to do jobs that people are not fond of because they hurt what seems to be the performance that everyone looks at. This includes interrupts, add management, kiting, and anything else you can think of. I think this makes me a team player and someone that uses every possible mechanic their class can for the success of the encounter. So if I am being modest then yes I believe I am a top player.

With 4.0 hitting the PTR servers what is your plan?

Well truth be told I expect there to be a lot of testing with it, but let's go over it anyway. This first of all is only the talent trees, new glyphs, and the reworking of stats and abilities. This will still be the non dragonfied Azeroth. This may or may not include Archaelogy as JC wasn't included in 2.0, but Inscription was included in 3.0. When this all goes down and that is not a joke with the servers crashing when it goes live. I Will try to use with what we have to go on with raiding and such. Of course there will be plenty of Pre-Cataclysm events that will be going on, which of course will serve as a distraction to everyone. So really as I suspect some raiding will start when 4.0 hits, but it will fade into the distance where people, including myself, will want to enjoy what is going on. On another note I refuse to log into the PTR as a small payback for not getting into beta. Still looking for that invite, maybe it will happen...

What are you not looking forward to face boss wise?

I can tell you my face isn't looking forward to facing a watermelon.

That is it for this week. Thank you to everyone who submitted something. As always if you would like your question featured just send it along to have a chance. Also next week's Reader Post will be about your best/worst guild invite/departure stories.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ways We Part

As many of you know Three Score has now been around for over 5 years. Over this time I have seen many a players come and go. Some of them were great players, some of them were utterly awful, some were reliable, and some never showed up when you wanted them to. Of all the players that have ever been in this guild many of them became friends and enjoyed I their company. You see when you are a raider you get to know people and their personalities pretty well. You get to know what makes them tick and how to urk them. This is all part of a raiding guild and dealing with all of this is what being a Guild Master is all about. This is also why it is not for everyone.

I was not prepared though for what has happened to me recently. You see out of all those people who have ever been or came in contact with I have been friends with many of them, but never truly I guess. Having what some would call true friends in a guild makes it more complicated. You defend them without realization, you understand situations more than you would others, and sometimes you don't realize may be setting you or them for a big fall. Losing a friend over a game seems silly and pointless, and truly is when you think about it. Regardless of what happens in and outside I will always feel that this was indeed a betrayal. I don't know if I will ever come to realize it in a different light. I may think I could have done things differently trying to find a better solution, or maybe not. Did my treatment set myself up for a fall? Did I have unrealistic expectations? Do I make excuses for myself and purposely try to make them feel worse for leaving deserving or not? These are the questions I ask myself, and I will continue to until I find the answers I am seeking.

For one of the first or in fact the first I am unsure of myself and my decision in regards to this game. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Enjoy your weekend, most likely no For The Horde today will try and set it up for Sunday.

Friday, September 10, 2010

How Noob Of Me

So I noticed that I forgot to state what the topic was for the Reader Post this week. So that is a complete fail on my part. Therefore I decided to take a bunch of stories that people have sent me and throw them all together. Hope you enjoy them.

So we did the raid weekly, EoE, in record time. We actually like the instance. Now that we've got it almost to farm, it's the kind of thing we drag new guild members to because if you can't follow directions in Phase 3, you won't be able to follow them in Ulduar. Plus, we want the drake. We've seen it once. I had a brain fart moment when I couldn't remember how to get out of the place when we were done. The MT pipes up, "See the red down arrow, Gimm? You just click on it. Don't be so dumb." There are some things I will never live down.

I was with 2 friends. Our level and gear was probably a bit high for this instance since we practically three manned it. This is because the two people we got were the worst noobs I've ever seen. Being a player that has made a lot of mistakes I usually have lots of patients for people learning the game but OMG: First guy was a level 18 pally that didn't know how to play a pally or the instance but signed up to be the group leader, the tank and the healer. He got the healer slot. Luckly my friend was a Pally tank that could heal himself because our "healer" could not figure out how to target friendly players... He would wind up a big heal and POOF! Cast it on himself the whole instance. Guy number 2 was a mage that thought it was ok to need on every roll. So we needed to trade every time he took the wrong gear... at least he traded it. But the kicker was he didn't cast a SINGLE spell the entire time. Yes the MAGE thought it was best to melee it entire instance with his staff. We ask why aren't you casting damage spells? So he gave one frost bolt a try... I guess he didn't like the result so he went right back to melee... The perfect ending was that they requested to continue doing more randoms at the end of the run after saying many times in party chat "What a great group!!!" We simply said no thanks and left.

I only learned what talent points were when i hit about 50. Vanilla needed more invasive tooltips.... and if there were, i needed to learn2read

I was just starting an alt in Teldrassil, got past the noob area of the zone and grabbed cooking. While killing birds for the eggs they drop, some guy comes up and starts scolding me in very broken english (he sounded a lot like a chinese friend of mine so I understand the language thing) about how I should not kill the birds, and how they are our friends, that is why they have yellow name plates.

Uhh well when I was leveling my undead character I'd always accidentally come across the NPC's by scarlet monastery and think they were actual alliance players because every time they speak it'd come up in [Common] and they had the alliance shields next to their names (or so i had thought) and they always like one shotted me. I'd sit there calling them names thinking I was actually talking to somebody.And one time I was having this argument with one guy in the blood elf starting zone and he was fighting with me in General chat while I was fighting with him in /say chat and some guy went on general chat and called me some name so I fought with him for a good 10 minutes not realizing that everything I'm saying wasn't getting to him because he was talking in general chat and I was talking in /say chat and I didn't know how to talk in general chat or trade chat.

On my first toon (this one, as a matter of fact), I decided it would be fun to explore. I got all the way to Lakeshire when I realized the mobs were level 20. I was level 6 (and awesome). In a panic, I called my boyfriend (who'd been playing much longer) and asked him how to escape quickly. Mobs were closing in on all sides. He said: "Yeah, uhhh, you better use your hearthstone!". After much bag searching, I found it. I was quite excited! So excited that I deleted it by accident.

When trying out a mage character I would walk backwards after freezing the enemy. I posted on the forums asking what key people bind backwards walking to, saying how the down arrow and "s" key seemed inconvenient. I also stated how the space bar worked well, but then I couldn't find a good button for jumping. People seemed very interested in my post, and I was very confused when reading responses such as "10/10" and "would read again".

So this Sunday I will give a real topic for next week's reader post. Also for future reference try to tell me I am a dumbass before Thursday night.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tier 11 Warrior Concept

So I realize that this is just a concept piece and that things could change, but doesn't this look badass? Now the shoulders do kind of look like some shaman gear that I have seen before, I just can't think of which. Also in appears in some spots that it looks more mail than plate. Now I am hoping that this is just an artistic representation of it and not what it will be when implemented. I like how they are going crazy with the Deathwing Jaw/Chin thing, and I will give Blizzard another chance to make a warrior set with a horn. The whole Wrath set and feel the power of the banana thing its not like they could make it any worse than that.

Now for everyone asking well I don't play a warrior what about my concept art. Now I would like nothing better to say than sorry warriors are awesome and your class fails so I am ignoring your concept pieces, especially pallies. But alas they just aren't available yet. This is probably because of what I just said anyways. Warriors are awesome and why not start with the best.

Wait a second there appears to be a hunter concept. Read back a few lines and that can be my reason for not posting it.

Enjoy your slaying of Internet pixels!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Takin' Back What is Ours

So I knocked something else off my list yesterday in helping with the retaking of the Echo Isles. Being a lore buff I was not disappointed in the least. For those who haven't done it yet I strongly recommend it. It went pretty smooth for me expect for the fact it took like 10 minutes for my tiger to spawn. Speaking of the tiger, this was a great way to introduce Troll druids to the game. Making it known that they have always existed, but have just been in hiding. I also loved the touch that one of the Troll volunteers you picked up in Razor Hill rides back with you on the Ivory Raptor. As you see in the picture above I made sure I paid tribute to the Trolls by hiding a raptor the entire time.

The music throughout the entire event made it have that epic feeling I was looking for, just as it was in the Battle for Undercity. Waiting there getting ready for the assault and listening to Vol'jin you could tell they really put a lot of time into making this an event one to remember. Here is some of that dialogue

Sons and daughters of de Darkspear! Friens of de tribe! We be gatherin' here, on de shores of Sen'jin Village, to be takin' BACK what is ours! Come, now! Join de liberation of de Echo Isles! Zalazane will FALL! We be gettin' ready to march to de Isles, an' FREE dem of Zalazane's wicked rule! Join me! Zalazane's time has come! De Darkspear will have a proper home again. Be ready!

So sign up help the Trolls or if you are Alliance help the Gnomes retake their city. This is a one time thing and you won't have forever to do it and will never be able to do it once Cataclysm hits. Also don't forget to turn that sound on to make it sure you get everything out of it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You Fail At Loot If...

It is upon us, a new Fail Day. The day where everyone tunes in just to see what special kind of fail exists. So just sit back laugh, say I know someone like that, and say "oh shit that's me". Without waiting any longer here it goes

You Fail At Loot If...
  • You say something is an upgrade just because it increases your gearscore
  • You don't put gems in or enchant new gear because you are going to upgrade it soon
  • Your alts have better gear than your main
  • Regardless of the loot rules you roll when something you want drops
  • You complain endlessly when an Armor Penetration trinket goes to a class that benefits from it more gets it first
  • You show up once a week and expect your BiS pieces
  • You're a hunter that thinks everything is a hunter weapon
  • You want more hit so you can raid Cataclysm content in level 80 gear
  • You got a Legendary and still believe you can sell items you looted
  • You expect the boss to hand you the loot without learning the encounter
  • Your dice only roll up to 31
  • Whenever you don't get a piece of loot you immediately find your caps lock button and seemingly smash your face on your keyboard to make a point
  • You complain how your class never gets a legendary. We know give it a rest
  • Your 0s and 1s make you feel better about yourself

and finally

  • You're a loot whore

That is it for this week. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday hope you get everything your heart desires.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tomorrow It Ends

So today is the last day before the kids go back to school, and what does this mean? Well it means that the Blood Elf dancing crew will be leaving Orgrimmar and will return at a time when I will never be in Orgrimmar. It will mean that I will probably stop being asked for guild invites by level 20s looking to get into ICC so they can get awesome gear and raise their gearscores to what they say is "the better side of awesome". There will also be less people asking for gold because they cannot repair their gear. There will be no more applications to the guild which say "I can stay up late because it is summer and my mom lets me raid".

So as we look back at the summer which it has been and how we were driven mad by the 12 year old who couldn't hold aggro in that random. We think about the times that were. The 13 year old Mexican who couldn't shut up on vent during a For The Horde, the healer who took 5 breaks in a random because his mom was calling him, the tank who entered the HoR heroic with a broken shield, and the Pally I convinced the Crimson Deathcharger was obtained by getting exalted with the DK starting area. These are just a few of the beauties from this past summer. So as I am happy that I will be dealing with less 12 year olds, but it also makes me sad that I will have less things to laugh at. So I give thanks to all the retarded 12 year olds that have made me fear for the future of the world.

Enjoy your holiday.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday before the Monday of a long weekend. Well at least it is a long weekend for me, if it isn't for you well then that kinda sucks. Just take satisfaction in the fact I will be enjoying mine for you. Anyways, it is time for this week's edition of Ask Gauss. So shall we?

So you have completed 1 year on your blog with no set topic at all. What do you plan to do this year?

What do you mean no set topic? I talk about WoW. I have been asked many times if I was going to create a focus, and really I could and it would probably be easier for me to think of a topic on a daily basis, but really not much fun. What a lot of people don't know is when I wake up in the morning I really for the most part have no idea what I am going to write about. It is random, out there and I think people recognize that when they read it. I think also that is why so many of you enjoy coming here and reading my stuff. You know I am not the best writer, but for some reason or another you find me entertaining, funny, and of course unexpected. So to really answer the question I am not really going to change anything about the blog. Why change what works and what I enjoy doing?

I heard and saw that the other day was Three Score's 5th Birthday. How have you been able to run a guild and be successful that long when so many others have fail?

First off there are plenty of guilds that not only have run as long as we have, but even longer and I would say congrats to them as well. If you would have asked me when we started this guild if I would still be in it and still be playing WoW I would have told you, that you were crazy. There has been many faces over the years, but the main focus has never changed. "Our mission at Three Score is to tirelessly pursue endgame content while building a guild in which every member is a productive part of a team of gamers that hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct, both within and outside the guild." That is our mission statement and we have held true to it. I cannot take the credit for how long we have been going and every member of the guild past and present deserves a thanks for making the guild what it has been and what it will be.

Are you ready for Cataclysm?


That is it for this week. If you want to have your questions answered in the spotlight like this I cannot do it unless you send them along. In game mail, email, or any other possible way there is to possibly get a hold of me. Enjoy your long weekend or what is left of your regular one.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Nation's Moments

So as yesterday was the first year Anniversary of this blog, because of this I had to push the Reader contribution post to today. Now keeping with that theme I wanted everyone to send in their favourite Gaussafication moments of the past year. I received message after message telling me all of these things that I may have said or done that stuck with people. Just knowing that and hearing all those responses is motivation enough to keep this going for a long time. Without waiting any longer here are some of the submissions I got.

The Parody you made "Happy Patch Day" was absolutely amazing and hilarious. Every time I here the song I find myself singing the lyrics that you wrote and not the ones of the actual song. I really hope you keep writing some parodies and find someone to actually sing and make videos for them.
There are so many one liners from the past year that I always use to make others laugh. The few of my favourites have to be "telling a doctor he fails at maxing his profession when he sends you to a specialist", "Food buffs are for African children", "proving we are ok with minorities by electing a brown orc". Thank you for all the laughs I will be here reading this everyday until you stop writing it.
I know it is sad and probably a fail on my own part, but I never wait for Tuesday to see what you will end up saying. I do this thing where I read the entire thing to my guild during trash. I even think you used a few of the topics I suggested. Keep it all coming you are awesome.
Your series of posts about the pony mount were quite amusing. I can never look at someone in the right light if they are riding that mount thanks to you. I find myself yelling TRH or "omg wtf get off that crack pony".
Can it really be anything but Bagellord? That post where you explained where he got his name I swear I never laughed so hard in my entire life. Not to mention that time last Halloween when we all were in Brill and he didn't realize he was a celebrity just because of you. Will there ever be another Bagellord, or will he come back?
I have always enjoyed your heroic posts. They have made me appreciate so much when I actually get a group that can go through the entire instance flawlessly. Not to mention whenever someone says we should do all the bosses for badges I just direct them to your blog for the explanation of why we shouldn't. I also call anyone who fails in a heroic Wally and when they ask me what I am talking about I cannot help but laugh my ass off.
The best moment of the year has to be the joke that has lasted the entire year. 71 points in frost! I read a lot of WoW blogs and I swear everyone has heard of and uses your 71 points in frost joke all the time. It is really funny how something can spread like wildfire like that. I just though you would also like to know how you yourself have had an effect on the WoW blogging community as a whole. Congrats man and keep all coming over and over.
Gnome King Kite! This was craziest thing I have ever seen. First off who wakes up in the morning and decides to kite the gnome king across the entire Eastern Kingdoms. I really hope you can pull off the Tyrande kite it would be beyond amazing to see that video. So here is to a year worth the posts and good luck on getting the priestess to take a trip to see Thrall.
Hands down when you used WoW voice lines to make a conversation with a visitor from some sort of marketer. I have never laughed so hard in my life reading something on the Internet. I really wish you would do something like that again with a different type of conversation it would be epic beyond all proportions. Keep it all coming Gauss you are awesome.
I love when you complain about Canadian and American holidays that effect your raiding or whatever else with WoW. They are always amusing, the "not my turkey day" and the "superbowl" post had to be the best ones in my books. I will admit when you said "might as well stick my raid schedule in deep fryer" I spit my everything I had in my mouth right at my computer screen I was laughing so hard. Really though man there are so many things from the last year you have said that have made me laugh unbelievably hard. I look forward to this next year and not only what funny things you will say, but the crazy shit you will do.
That is it for this week's Reader Post. Thank you all for the submissions and the well wishes and congratulations I have received. It has been a great year and I am glad I was able to make everyone part of the nation enjoy it that much more.

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Year Of Gaussafication

It is true, one year ago today was the day this blog began. I started this blog based on some things friends said that I have this charisma that people just attach themselves too. I said I would give it a go as I am not the best writer even if I have stories to tell. I told them I would give it a couple months and see how it would go. The blog itself has never really had a focus, I just talk about what is on my mind for the day in relation to World of Warcraft. Hence, how I came up with the name dealing with my daily adventures. I was surprise how so may people liked what I had to say. Tells upon tells of people telling me that they made reading my blog a part of their daily routine.

At the end of the 2 months I was asked if I was going to continue with it. Frankly, I was pretty hooked to it after the first couple weeks. Who knows I would have so much crap to throw around about basically nothing every single day. This was also when I was approached by who wanted to do a piece on me. Never would I imagined myself doing an interview based on a character I play in a video game. I have always been the Pi Guy out in the real world, and now I was immortalized in WoW as the Pi Guy as well. After the interview if I thought I was busy WoW wise I had no clue. It had expanded beyond Llane and now across servers and all over the world. People would log on just to talk with me, all for me just being an opinionated in your face guy that just says whatever is on his mind.

Of course, I have gotten my share of hate mail dealing with things I have said that may have been offensive. Of course, the way I see it is everyone always agreeing with you means either you aren't saying anything worth a damn or everyone is afraid of you and what could happen if they do not. Regardless, people have kept on coming every day to read about fails, guild relations, raiding, exploring, rants, and who can forget unheard of actions. This blog would be nothing without the people that have made it what it has been. Every post I write I want to write something that people can get something out of, whatever that will be. If someone says to me "That was awesome man", "great post today", "I'll be sure to keep on reading". All of those things keep me going in addition to the "Did you really say that?", "Are you that stupid?", "Do you think people give a crap about anything you say?".

I like to thank everyone who has linked to me, who told others of what I am trying to do here. When I actually figure out what that exactly is then maybe I will have a better explanation. To all of the visitors to this blog over the past year, which have amassed over 500,000 page views from 86 different countries I thank you. I will do my best to make this next year even better than the first. Special thanks to Kevin and Rich for getting me started, Three Score for being an awesome guild, Lisa from for the worldly attention, and finally Bagellord for showing us how awful some WoW players can actually be.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Favourite Random NPC

So someone sent me a question asking me who was my favourite non essential NPC was. You know not someone who actually matters, but that person who is just there and you are like ya he/she is awesome. You wave to them, cheer, or play the world's smallest violin whenever you pass by. So of course I put on my thinking cap and started to wonder who this actually was. So I came up with these.

Goblin on the Tundra Mammoth: I don't know if you have ever read what this guy says when you kick him off the mammoth, but it is pretty funny and amusing. So much so that I tend to completely ignore the troll girl sitting in the other seat every time I have to use a vendor on my mount. Some of my favourite sayings are "I always wanted to be stranded somewhere" and"Our friendship is over!". So next time you see someone's mammoth up, give this guy a wave just to let him know you know he exists.

Shoe Shiner: I don't know if many of you know about this, but in the tailoring shop in Dalaran there is a guy who will shine your shoes for you if you sit in the chair upstairs. He asks you if you would like your shoes shined and regardless will do it anyway as long as you stay seated. After doing so you get a buff called "Shiny Shoes". I find this amusing because I don't wear shoes, but whatever this guy is awesome.

Night Elf at the bottom of the ramp in the Temple of the Moon: I have no idea what her name is nor what she sells or does. All I know is during every For The Horde raid it is a race to see who can kill her first. Many a times has my heroic throw connected to this poor night elf's face. If someone actually wants to tell me her purpose is it may make this weekly event even more special.

That is all I can think of at the moment. What are your favourite useless or non essential NPCs? Send it along and tell me about it. Enjoy the nice weather we are having. Well at least the nice weather I am having, so if your weather is bad at least know I am enjoying mine.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is a series that is a few weeks old, and thought may of you would enjoy. It is made by the Hackleman Bros. the same people that brought us Illegal Danish. If you don't know what Illegal Danish is then I really don't know what to say. The ROFLBear series basically pokes fun of little things all throughout WoW. You have the jokes about gearscore, PUGs, Arthas, and so much more. I really recommend checking it out each day. The best thing is the little sketches are normally no longer than a 3 minutes. Here is my favourite so far.

I really think I enjoy them because I joke about all the stuff they do all the time. Also there is nothing better than when Arthas shows up and you just know something stupid is going to happen. This particular episode makes me so thankful I don't run pugs at all. I can only imagine all the crazy headaches of not only organizing them, but dealing with the people once they are in them. It is crazy enough for me raiding with the same people with their quirks. 24 random other people would probably takes years off my life each and every raid I attempted. Hey, I guess this is why I dislike alts, as well, because I think once they get to max level I would have to go through the land of pugs, and that is enough to make me never think about leveling.

Enjoy your Wednesday and your first day of September. The unofficial end of Summer is upon us.